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SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR)

The description SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR) Apk

2015 SAMSUNG TV App Version Update List


1. New and Improved Features

a) New Main Page : Larger Promotion Area
- Key Features and Link to SUHD’s Mobile Microsite SUHD TV (Flagship Model)
b) Image Gallery (Lifestyle Catalog)
- Provides a catalog of lifestyle images to connect with the consumer on a more emotional level.
c) Most Viewed
- Displays the top 10 most viewed products by each country on the main page for easier access to more information about the most popular products.
d) New UI/UX
- Personalized features (recently viewed models and favorites) are integrated into the top menu for easier access
- A cross-selling menu has been added, and a list of similar models has been moved to the right.
e) Improved Product Detail Page
- Improved Product Detail Page are now shown in their entirety.
Gallery: Zoom-in feature added.
f) Matching AV
- Recommends an AV product (sound bar) that complements the searched TV model for improved cross-selling.
g) Up-Selling Recommendation & Comparison
- Recommend higher grade model on comparison page Increase TV Up-selling opportunity.
Can compare to TV product based on up selling TV recommendation logic.

2. Buy Now
a) Off-line
- Store Locator
Displays locations of nearby stores based on the user’s current location to encourage the user to visit a shop and make a purchase. Not available in all countries.
b) On-line
- Buy now
Tapping on the Buy now button from a product information page loads a page that displays information about online retailers carrying the product and their prices.
Also has direct links to the purchase pages of the online retailers. Not available in all countries.

3. SAMSUNG TV Remote Control (IR)
(Available only on Galaxy S4 or above running Android Kitkat 4.4 or above.)

[Use Guide]

Minimum Requirements: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or more
Recommended: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean over

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  • 4.3
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • May 24, 2016
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  • 4.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • January 15, 2016
  • 3fa19029abafc202e4bb9c5a5f86c886
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  • 3.7
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • January 14, 2016
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10 recent comments of SAMSUNG TV & Remote (IR) APK

A Google user

I downloaded the official samsung remote app assuming it would not be loaded with obnoxious Ads like the 3rd party ones. Boy was I wrong. Instead of a quick loading, bare bones remote app, it has a splash page of Ads for samsung TVs. This Ad page is always the first page, changing apps or locking/sleeping the phone causes the open remote app to flip back to the ad page, no settings to change or disable them. (Newsflash, I already have a samsung TV, I just want to use my phone as a remote.)

exempted wolf

Wont search up a 32" smart tv la32b650 also does not recognise a samsung s8 phone being higher than a samsung note 4 . No search results regardless of any model clearly this app is outdated and needs to be seen to immediatly. Id just go on using peel smart remote at least that works

Harkesh Bahal

Would have given it 0✡ if I could but don't have that option. The app simply does not work for me. Have the latest top of the line Samsung phone and TV. But the app is not compatible. Are the looking the plot. And yes I am have red about the IR blaster theory but honestly I don't care. You should have the ability to make your products seamlessly homogenous.

jyoti chauhan

Samsung has Smart Phones n Smart Tvs, yet the remote control app can not support the new devices. Is a person supposed to go and get an old phone so they can hav IR in the phone n use it a remote for their smart tv... very disappointed to see this. Please create a smarter app as well.

Martin Palatsi Senar

Obviously, it needs an IR port on your mobile. Nine different models, mine is model 1 and works execellent. For those who blaim it does not work: 1st, buy a mobile with IR port. 2nd, point exactly at IR receiver at TV as mobiles have not so wide range.

Ufuk K. Ergin

If a global company like Samsung cannot even create a remote to control my Samsung TV, then it is going to lose the integration game to some other company. The app page on Play doesn't even bother to say that S7 and above won't work as a remote. Very disappointed with Samsung on this.

Debs Talbot

Couldn't find my model; text way too small to find correct tv; finally found it & selected & nothing happened? No "next/enter" to progress - set up ridiculously difficuly


To everyone who thinks there's a region issue, you all are stupid. Select United Kingdom and then select English. If you don't want to, you're what's wrong with the US. Also don't download if your device doesn't have IR sensor. You blame the app devs for that when you're all a bunch of crybabies.

Wojtek Czarnocki

A global company cannot even create a simple TV remote? Numerous companies who are way smaller than you have fully blown games. So stop looking for excuses. Google my name. I was on your side in the Apple war. But I'd sack your developers in no time. Get it right! Contact me if you want to make a difference.

Scott Carroll

I expected this app to be good as it was Samsung but I'm afraid it's rubbish. To start it's more of a catalogue of tv's you can view but with the remote control added in to select. The remote itself is as basic as it comes. Volume up/down, channel up/down, on/off and menu. You cannot select any other source/input and cannot access your You tube or Netflix as there are no buttons for this. Big let down from Samsung!

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