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The description SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE Apk

Samurai II sends Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the war-scorched countryside. From a seafaring village to a flying fortress to the legendary Isle of the Dead, the samurai will stop at nothing to hunt down his arch-enemy Orochi. Will he get his Vengeance?

“Samurai II is a very entertaining title with solid gameplay and stunning graphics.” -
“Samurai II: Vengeance has improved by leaps and bounds over the original, and has evolved into an extremely satisfying action hack and slash game.” -

The long-awaited sequel to Samurai: Way of the Warrior! While the original got rave reviews for its stylized manga graphics and quick, bloody gameplay, Samurai II delivers even more action and an intuitive new control scheme.

Samurai II is a true successor, aided by over a year of focused development. Overall production values and vicious action put Samurai II on par with console 3D brawlers. Screenshots don’t do Samurai II justice – the fluid action has to be seen running at 60 frames per second.

But looks alone won’t carry a game – the developers listened to fan feedback and improved gameplay throughout. With a new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps, and vicious new enemies, Samurai II is brand new experience for hack ‘n’ slash gamers on the go.

✔️ Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you’re slicing up baddies, not swiping the screen.

✔️ Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping focused on the action.

✔️ Tense, quick and gory battle sequences!
- Battle hordes of on-screen enemies wielding new weapons and sporting unique abilities.
- Stay nimble and plan your attacks – roll out of harm’s way and eliminate ranged enemies like the Samurai Archer before they can strike.

✔️ Improved game play includes new features.
- Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous traps, and discover useful items.
- The fight is on - not to worry, the combat never takes a back seat to platforming or fetch-quests.

✔️ RPG elements reward skilled players – upgrade the Samurai’s health, buy new attack combos and upgrade them to devastating levels.

✔️ Between levels, gorgeous anime-style comic panels tell the samurai’s tale with original hand-drawn artwork.

✔️ New survival mode pits the samurai against waves of enemies, giving hardcore players a score-attack mode to hone their skills. Two games in one!

✔️ Advanced AI system on par with console games. Goal Oriented Action Planning architecture is used in many PC and console games.

✔️ Original soundtrack – in classic samurai movie style, soft music builds with the heat of battle.

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10 recent comments of SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE APK

Ian Wright

I like this game. The graphics are top quality, the gameplay is good and it runs perfectly on my Galaxy Note 3. But, when I connect my PS3 pad to my phone via my OTG cable it doesn't work properly. The left stick moves the character but the right stick and the buttons don't work at all. A shame, because this is a very good game. If that issue can be fixed I'll gladly rate it 5 stars because other than the pad problem I can't fault this game. Please, fix it. A pad would make this game amazing

Jason M. Townsend

The game has Great Graphics & Controls especially for a Mobile Game. The only negative I have with the game is it gets very repetitive fast. I lost interest after playing for about 3hrs, Total. This game would have to be played in short intervals to keep me interested. It may get better the more you play I just couldn't stay interested. I was hoping thaty character would learn new abilities or moves & at some point I would have an additional character jump in & play with me for a stage or 2 but none of that ever happened. UNINSTALLED

Sharkus Velarde

It's ok, great graphics, definitely has a unique look. The combat is just button mashing repetitiveness and watching whatever random moves your character happens to make. That gets old fast!!

Francisco Samour

The first thing I thought when I played this game was: "This is what I always wanted to play back in the C64 days". This is the game every kid in the 80's wish had existed back then.

Tyler Scott MacLeod

it's an alright game with arpg controls. the only combo worth using is xxo, xxo, xxo. would have liked for more of the combos to have been useful, though I tried to use them as often as possible to break the monotony. completed it in a bored night and no NG+ so buyer beware.

Georgi Subev

Fluid hack&slash gameplay, tight controlls, even the story is fun. The graphics are quite nice - they remind me of GTA Chinatown Wars. The music is a bit repetitive, and the enemy grunts as well. It's short - 7 chapters in total + a challenge mode. All in all, well worth the money

chog douglas

small game yet very very satisfying?! its so good that i played it over and over again?i got nothing to say to the graphics,control and gameplay its all perfect!?. thanks a lot madfinger games, truly you are one of the best game makers in the world. hope you could update or make another game like this. coz i already finished the last stage. i have also purchased shadowgun, thanks for making it on sale?

damn son!

Only the direction buttons work on my samsung gamepad, the slash and dash buttons don't. But my gamepad isn't broken. Please fix this problem cuz this game ain't cheap

Danilo Nikolić

Played it multiple times. A bit unresponsive controls at times but that might be just me not used to play on mobile. Otherwise, probably my favourite mobile game.

Noticed Dinosaur

A great game the only problem is that my moga controller doesn't work I can move around but other than that the character won't attack or anything else please fix

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