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SGS Touchscreen BoosterSGS Touchscreen BoosterSGS Touchscreen BoosterSGS Touchscreen BoosterSGS Touchscreen Booster

The description SGS Touchscreen Booster Apk

SGS Touchscreen Booster will help you to optimize your Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) touch screen. No root needed.
Bugs, please let me know.

Changes are not persistent yet (see wish list bellow).
Due a software limitation, the settings are set to defaults after some time. Use the service option to keep settings up to date.

NEW! Use the shortcut to start or stop service.

Only for Samsung Galax S up to Android 2.3.x.

SEO: Samsung Galaxy S Touch screen optimizer.

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  • 2.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 06e7773ec0fc63050988499ff8238422
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10 recent comments of SGS Touchscreen Booster APK

Ashwin Yadav

Fixed my micromax a67 which had a crack the size of a teaspoon. I can play gta sa now.

Hemanth Phyltohn

Not sure if placebo or real... But after installing Nilkin Tempered Glass on my moto G2 I had missed some keyboard taps in a regular interval.. Kept on missing the borderline letters like A Q P etc until I installed this app.. Still glitches but not like before.. Kudos :D

Al Atherton

Doesn't work for me. Motorola Droid Turbo. The sensitivity slide of this app is pre-set to an intermediate setting, closer to the more sensitive end, but when adjusted for the LEAST sensitivity, does not make any change in the screen's overly sensitive touch properties. Accidental hang-ups of phone, accidental mute, speaker phone, apps opening, and selections on scrolling are all caused by the too-sensitive screen, which I need to adjust so it take s a definite tap to actuate a control, not a touch that might be the start of a scroll, or an accidental slight brush. This app doesn't work for me, on the Motorola Droid Turbo

Or Bokanet

LG G4. Had a few unregistered taps here and there with knock code. This totally fixed it!

Owen Blair

G4 seemed to be over sensitive on typing & clicking in the corners. This app mostly fixed the issue. Still misses once in a while.

eugene barker

A "MUST HAVE APP" for every touch screen item!!! Great job guys. (U need to hold a class & teach the less technical how to put out a great better one).

Nur Ashikin

I can even tweak to suit my fast paced game *wink

richard wharton

Super app & my phone is just so much better now. Super!

Mark G

Slide the top 3 items farther left and 2 bottom to right. Takes a nook HD with very glitchy screen (swipes taken as taps) and makes it work as intended. This is with Nook HD running CM 11 (Android 4.4). Thanks so much for this app!! I would have stuck with stock ROM without it.

Dennis Singh

This app has done its charms, even on my Hudl 2. It already had poor touch sensitivity, but it then got even worse after installing a fresh screen protector. But now, the responsiveness is even better than before.

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