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Version 1.0
Size 73M
Developer Colto
Category Games, Educational
Package Name com.colto.shape
OS 4.1 and up

Shape Gurus GAME description

A series of fun geometric puzzles which teach preschoolers shapes and colours
*** Featured in USA Today and rated 4/4 stars by Jinny Gudmundsen ***
*** 2015 Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review ***
*** Best Kids Apps of 2015 - Tech with Kids ***

Kindergarten aged kids will love the challenge of solving a series of puzzles with shapes and colors in this quirky math learning game.

Match the white rectangles into the dinosaur bones and build a rocket out of triangles, squares and circles. By solving each puzzle, children learn shapes as they move through the game’s evolving story.

Designed for 2-5 year olds, this educational game teaches preschoolers to match shapes and colors, key educational skills preschoolers need to learn, based on the American Core Knowledge Sequence.

Shape Gurus is playable in 12 languages: English (US and UK), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean.

Shape Gurus is the third app in the global hit Gurus Series of learning games by Colto.

This educational game includes:

- 27 interactive puzzles to solve with 4 shapes and 9 colors

- audio of 36 color shapes including 4 shapes in 9 colors

- occasional updates with new tasks added

- no in-app purchases

- no third party advertising

- COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant


This educational game teaches kids key math skills of how to match shapes and sort and classify shapes and colors.

Kids learn shapes and how to identify and name them by repeatedly listening to the game’s audio.

The puzzles the player has to solve teach kids creative problem solving skills, encourage creative thinking and teach fine motor skills.


Tap the play button and the game moves to the first screen. The game play starts with a green circle and a dotted outline of a circle.

Touch it and drag it into the outline to form one circle.

This simple task is like a tutorial, teaching the player how to use the game’s swipe mechanic.

Next the circle becomes a green egg and starts to shake. Tap the pulsating egg several times until it cracks open and a baby bird hatches.

The little bird flies up into the tree to a new puzzle where the player has to build a bird’s nest out of brown triangles.

The game continues with increasingly difficult tasks and puzzles which the player solves to move their way through the evolving story.

Each time the player drags and drops a shape into a puzzle in the correct place, they hear audio naming the shape and color.

In this way players learn shapes and how to identify them by name.

The game environment moves from the tree to a garden with plants and seeds, to a bee and into its beehive then dives down below the ground to an ant's nest.

Lower in the ground there are dinosaur bones and a mine with precious stones.

The game then moves up into a hot air balloon, into mountains where it's snowing then down into a city and up into the sky where the child builds a rocket then takes off and lands on the moon.

After the last task is completed, the game loops and the player is taken back to the first screen.


Colto’s mission is to create fun mobile learning games for preschoolers that make them smile while they learn.

Our team, made up of a Mum/Teacher and talented game designers and developers, strives to develop high quality educational games that kids love and parents trust.

Our explorative apps are designed to be played in different sessions so that kids can stop playing easily and move onto other activities then come back to play again later.

For more information about Colto, visit our website at
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