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Version 1.0.23
Size 8.30 MB (8,699,254 bytes)
Developer Fun Buddy
Category Apps, Entertainment
Package Name com.funbuddy.shutupsounds
OS 4.0 and up

Shut Up Button APPLICATION description

Tell your annoying friends to Shut up when they talk too much nonsense!
It becomes necessary to tell the annoying people around you to just Shut Up and keep their mouth Shut.

In a really busy day when some people around you annoy you with some nonsense you just want to tell them to Shut Up but you can't. Well, that is why we have this app for you which you could use and just press the button and it will tell the annoying people to Shut Up.

When you are on your leisure day and some annoying people disturbs you just open this app and tell them Hey Shut Up!

This app is also helpful in the following scenarios:
1. When you want to shut up your dog, if they understand that ;)
2. When you are watching a movie in a theatre and a person behind you won't shut up his/her mouth
3. When you sibling is giving you some stupid advice and you want to tell her to just shut up.
4. When someone is talking to you too loud then you can just tell them to shut up.
5. When you are listening to a nonsense politician in an auditorium and you just want him to shut his stupid mouth then fire up the app and hit the shut up button right away!

We have got different kind of funny shut up sounds for you.
and hey this app has smosh shut up sound too and a funny shut up sound from Mr Bean and many more shut up sounds!

This shut up button app is easy very to use. You can just press the big red Shut Up button once and it will play the select sound. If you want to use a different Shut up sound then use the arrows on the right and left to change the shut up sound and bingo, the newly selected Shut up sound will be played when you hit the button next time.

So do not wait and download the most popular Shut Up button now! This shutup app is a must have app to avoid the nonsense around you!
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