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Signal Offline MessengerSignal Offline MessengerSignal Offline MessengerSignal Offline MessengerSignal Offline MessengerSignal Offline Messenger

The description Signal Offline Messenger Apk

Signal is a Wifi Direct based offline messaging app. Signal allows you to communicate without internet or local network in range of upto 100 meters. Messaging could be one-on-one or in a group. Messages sent via signal app are delivered in secure way. In short signal allows you to send audio,text,photo and video messages to users around you over wifi direct.

Chat with your friends and colleagues without wasting your data plan. One can use signal messenger in any instance where internet is not accessible, such as Cruise ship, wild life safari, foreign trip with family or when you run out of your data pack.

Large files can be shared easily with signal. Since signal uses Wifi Direct data transfers at the rate of 250mbps. Large files such as video,wall papers can be shared at the fastest rate using widi technology. Due to the incredible transfer rate all image & video files are transferred without any modification.

Signal is complete off the grid messaging app. It is free, registration is offline and no information flows via any sort of cloud.


  • Instantly send messages, audio and photos to anyone around you over wifi direct

  • Send messages one-on-one or to entire group.

  • Works without any form of internet or local network all it needs is another signal.

  • Share files such as images & video as is. [As taken by camera and no re sizing or re scaling is applied]

  • Old chats are stored in database and are accessible anytime.

  • Full material design support. Signal comes in different colors.

  • Signal is walkie talkie that works without internet.

  • Communication via signal is secure.

  • [How it works]

    Signal app is based on Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology which enables the android devices (Android 4.0 and above) to connect directly to each other via WiFi without any intermediate access point. Wi-Fi peer-to-peer technology is also known as Wi-Fi Direct.

    Signal app on start-up sends a signal to discover nearby devices. User can send additional signals by swiping the available list. Once the devices are found they appear in the available user list. Grey color signifies no connection while colored blocked is the indicator for connected device. Once the devices are found signal app establish the connections between the devices.

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    • 5.0
    • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
    • March 3, 2016
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    10 recent comments of Signal Offline Messenger APK


    Offline setup is the right idea. Firechat's crazy email validation gets it all wrong since it relies on Internet, the very thing you won't have if you need to use an offline messaging app! I hope Signal catches on. Devs can help by making it easy to pass .apk between devices offline. Too bad it's not actively developed since 2015. Revive?

    derrick thomas

    It would be great if you could add a notification for incoming text such as when the screen is off or device goes to sleep. If it had that feature i would give it 5 stars. Not very convenient having to constantly wake the device and check the screen to see of there is a message.

    A Google user

    Can't even get passed the make a profile part. It keeps saying "username can't be more than 14 characters" but the one I am inserting is not. Also, it forces you to create a "bio" .

    Pooh Bear

    There is a contacts section but none of my contacts are there. Don't really understand how app is to work. Downloading app was a waist of my time. These make app better than I might use it!!!?????

    Negin Abadani

    I don't know why it doesn't work with android 4.1.1 , could you please, fix this problem? Thank you.

    prasad sawant

    it says, unfortunatly signal has stopped, after feeling username and about.

    Ruth Rucker

    I need help can u add mobile texting offline that's all I'm looking for for my tablet you'd be the best

    Kai Kuro

    The app has it's basics but so much is missing, no database or chat control I see nothing about encryption at all, no notifications at all, sloppy on connections, no way to delete my chats, very unsafe without that basic support, app scan not always finding the paired connection, little slow, no typing status so you could think the other side has closed, all in all it works but the real use of this is unknown at this time, seen better apps that offer this level of userbity let's hope you update.

    Joanne Grady

    Signed in with no problem. However my list of friends say they or I am offline but we are both on line and only 5ft away from each other. It says I had signal but lost it. Another time my friends don't show up. I am going to keep the app for a few months I hopes that it will soon work because I love the idea

    The Incredible Text Maker

    Awful, Just terrible It won't let you even message people, full waste of time :(

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