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Version 3.2.7
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Developer Critical Dynamics
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Package Name com.criticaldyn.simplvpn
OS 7.0 and up

PaygVPN: No Commitment VPN APPLICATION description

A Secure and Ultrafast VPN on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. No commitment. Just one tap

Your digital life is safe with Pay As You Go VPN. Our top-notch VPN protocol hides your IP address and encrypts your connection to keep your privacy protected. Your online activities cannot be seen or monitored. Your digital life is under full protection with industry-leading privacy protection.


Payg VPN does not have a subscription system. A certain fee will not be charged from your credit card every month. There is no payment system you have to follow. Or we do not have a system to continue withdrawing money from your credit card if you forget it. Nothing happens outside of your control. Everything is designed in simple steps and clearly. There is no contract that you have to sign and that covers a certain period of time. Therefore, it does not have any commitment.


Most VPN companies ask you to sign a subscription plan. Let's say you have a 1-year membership. Means you have a monthly payment. During this long contract period, there will be periods of time that you do not use the service. Some days you won't open the app at all. But you will also be paid for that day. Maybe a few months will pass like this and the money you have paid for this time will be wasted.

With PAYGVPN, you will never have such a waste. Not even one penny will be wasted. It doesn't matter if you haven't used your VPN for 3 months. Because PAYGVPN is not a time-based service like others. Nothing changes as time passes. Unless you use it, your GB's waits as you left it.


In its simplest form, this is a quota service. So you buy as many GB's as you want to use. And use it whenever you want. You don't need to worry about time.

Let's explain briefly. Let's say you got your quotas today. And you have never used the application for 3 months. You make your first opening after 100 days later. It's ok. Nothing is lost. Your rights remain the same. You can use your GB's as you wish.


The most ready-to-use application. And an application that will never tire you. How can an application tire you? By asking for a lot of unnecessary information. By making you scroll page by page. However, we do not do that. That's why we call it the ''born ready app''. One tap is all we need. Because really, that's all that is needed.


No account registration needed. Also, no user name, mail, or password needed. Our advanced algorithm generates a user identification number for each user. It creates a digital identity that contains no information about your real Identity. We made everything simple for the best user performance. So there is only one thing left to do for you. Just tap the ''connect'' button. And you have the best VPN online.


You don't need to worry about unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots. Our high-end encryption technology provides outstanding security for public Wi-Fi connections. With Pay As You Go VPN your online steps become completely invisible. No need to worry about being tracked. Browse the internet without the fear of being tracked.


With 50+ countries and 3200+ servers, PaygVPN provides you lightning-fast internet connections.

PAYGVPN provides you an ultra-fast surfing experience with great reliability. So, you can access your favorite content around the world.


Absolute no-log policy. We show you our sincerity right from the start. We do not request any of your personal information. We respect your online id and your digital life. So you are not known to us either. And likewise, we respect the privacy of your internet activity as well. And that's why we never keep logs.

For details, you can review our no logs policy here.

Privacy Policy:

Please don't forget to share your views with us. Your feedback is important to us. Feel free and send us.

Contact Us: [email protected]
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