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Slayin will test your skills like no other endless game on the Google Play Store. Don’t get yourself fooled by its charming retro graphics and motivating chiptune soundtrack. In this game, death lurks behind every corner!

Your task sounds all so simple. First choose from one of three heroes: knight, wizard and knave. Then slay as many monsters as possible, while leveling up and getting more powerful equipment and spells along the way. But there’s a catch: once you die, you’re gone for good!

On your journey you will travel through numerous locations and encounter dozens of different monsters and fearsome bosses. Eventually, you will even have to face the giant dragon of legend. But he will not part with his treasure easily. Only the most worthy adventurers will be able to complete this task and become a true hero. Get ready for some slayin!

• World’s first endless action RPG
• Challenging and rewarding
• Pixel perfect retro graphics
• Chiptune soundtrack by Matt Creamer (Retro City Rampage)
• 6 unique playable classes: knight, wizard, knave, archer, tamer and ninja
• Endless loot: tons of weapons, armor and spells
• Face legendary monsters and bosses
• More than a hundred challenging quests to master
• 3 unique game modes
• Compete with your friends on Game Services

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  • 2.0.13
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • January 10, 2016
  • C1A66CEDED473B68CFD8396F19E72BCD780CD939
  • 02621eddb561c6c2e3b3c1e5b950a5c9
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10 recent comments of Slayin APK

Greg Henderson

I've had this game since 2014 and it's still my go to game. Nothing comes close. If you love 8 bit in all its glory this is THE game to have. Please, please, please make Slayin 2 or add more levels or weapons. A save feature would be great as well. I've reached level 170 and could have kept going but lost my game. Keep up the great work you guys ?

jason good

I'm really impressed with it. This single game brings back the feel of one of my all time favorite retro gaming eras: the time of mega man classic. I played it all the way through and am thoroughly impressed for the balanced game mechanics and varying levels of challenge offered by quests. Almost zero glitches to boot. It's a hand woven tapestry of excellence.

JCJ Games

I'd never think I'd find a retro style action RPG on Google Play for free. This game is very addictive and challenging. The characters are all different and have different attacks and you'll need some strategies to get high scores. I'd be cool if there was a mode where everything was randomized like biomes, music, bosses, etc so the game would be full of surprises and not fighting the same bosses in the same order. Great job

Miguel Gomez

I highly recommend this great game to anybody. Slaying offers countless hours of addictive monster trashing fun with great touch controls (the best game feel I've ever encountered in a mobile game) that are super responsive. The graphics are beautifully made, great pixel art that's well animated. The in-app purchases are super fare, and rest assured everything can be bought with in-game money. There's lots of content to keep you entertained here. What I find disappointing is the lack of variety in music.

Jacob Ianicilli

This is one of the most amazing mobile games I have ever witnessed. It has the most simple but yet somehow appealing gameplay that just makes you keep playing. Even just to add on to the amazing, it looks, sounds, and plays like an old arcade or Atari game, only with helpful modern features. There is one bug I saw while playing though. If you get a combo of 999 slain, then the next kill you get sets the counter back to zero. It does not lag the game or crash it.Other then that, it is a perfectly formed game

David Hand

8 bit fans will be pleased with the design of both graphics and game play. Expect to be able to unlock everything reasonable for free. Well done. After the recent update I believe the royal slime achievement was fixed, but I still have to kill hundreds of things with a non-lethal wizard spell? Have you actually tried this?!

Sky Hicks

Well crafted 16-bit sprites and a very enjoyable soundtrack to match. The game is mostly running left and right across a fixed plane defeating enemies. It's simple but effective. Each game is a new one, so dying is the end and you have to start over. This is balanced by very fast-paced gameplay that requires full attention. I was very quickly drawn in. I recommended it to many of my friends, who have in turn recommended it to theirs, and I have heard no complaints so far. This is among my top games.

Georgij Vladymyrovych

A neat, skill-based game on Android, that's free without pushing microtransactions in your face every second? What is this devilry?! * I'll have to do the honorable thing and tip the Dev, or something. * P.S. If you ever consider releasing a Steam version, I'll also buy it -- the control scheme you have is decently responsive, but I'd still prefer to play it with a proper controller.

Kevin Miller

I generally don't play any free to play games as you usually hit a pay wall fast and hard, but so far I haven't with this game. Addicting gameplay, cool customization, lots to unlock, this game has kept me occupied on flights and bus rides. Only negative, if you can call it that, is there's nothing I'd even want to spend real life money on. If there was an option to pay for no ads to support the developer I'd consider doing so.

Weldon Campbell

This is a great game! It's fun yet challenging, and has multiple goals to work towards. Only complaint is the ad department. Watching ads are a great way to support the game and earn you a little something as well. However, in this game you need to watch and install the app from the ad. Watching is fine, but I don't want to install other apps from an ad. Remove this, probably reduce the reward for watching, and this would be a 5/5 game!

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