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  • 1.8.1
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
  • DVloper
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Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)Slendrina:The Cellar (Free)

The description Slendrina:The Cellar (Free) Apk

This is the story of Slendrina The Cellar. Now she has become more evil than before and hates it when someone intruding on her territory. She will do anything to stop you. Whatever you do .... do not look back!

Try to find 8 missing old books in the dark cellar and then run to the exit.
You also need to find keys to open certain doors.
Look everywhere, for they could be anywhere.

If you like Slender Man, then you will love this horror game.
If you want to send an email to me, please write in English or Swedish
Thank you all for your kind ratings you have given me! You are the best!

The game is free but it Contains advertising.
It is now possible to unlock all levels with STC-points, which you can earn in the game absolutely free.

Have fun!

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  • 1.8.1
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • May 31, 2018
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • 14ee9a29b0f2d5d970896afb8694a871
  • Fixed some small bugs
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  • 1.8
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 14, 2018
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • ec49febf79a2949707002e05ffc43411
  • * Now a little darker environment.
    * Now a little better controls.
    * Small changes in the sound.
    * Small bug fixes.
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  • 1.6.93
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • February 6, 2017
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • 226f8d752d5bdd041266d1c348dc0f98
  • 1.6.93 * Fixed some small issues.

    1.6.92 * bug fixes.
    * Added a "New Game link"

    1.6.91 * Fixed some small bugs.

    1.6.9 * Now you get more STC-points when you have completed a course or if you watch a short adds video.
    You can use your STC points to open Cellar 2 and Cellar 3
    *Added a "New game button"

    1.6.8 * Some small changes in the sound.
    * Some small changes to the "scary things".
    * Some small changes to the footsteps.
    * Bug fixes.
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  • 1.6.92
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • July 7, 2016
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  • 1.6.91
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • April 19, 2016
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  • 1.6.9
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • April 5, 2016
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  • 1.6.8
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • March 3, 2016
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  • 1.6.72
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • a70db324eaead2127923679cc3df3925
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  • 1.6.7
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • bbf57b39aa6646fdbbc79f42806255f5
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  • 1.6.5
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • EF1BDE540FEE34B9DCA0380706E559FC59E1960B
  • efd9bfdfff8a23e02a2b064637fdebb3
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10 recent comments of Slendrina:The Cellar (Free) APK

Judith Cholya

damn! I thought I memorized all the maps on this cellar but when those slendrina & things passed me by or scare me It's like a memory wiper.. I suddenly blacked out and forget everything lol.. I often got lost in the maze until finally I got all 8/8 books and there's this direction message said "now run to the exit" and when I do.. I met slendrina and BAM game over.. Damn you slendrina.. Nice job making me hard to blink..

Ashok Nani

The best you can only experience only while you are playing connect your headphones keep volume full and enjoy the lonely in dark. I strongly won't recommend any heart patients to play this game...

Singh Ajab

it is really scary game I have not played ever! slendrina :the cellar game is an awesome game! when I play this game first time I was really afraid of this game but when I played it daily I loved to play this game and now it is my favourite game! when I played this game first time I was not able to find all books but now in only one chance I can find all the books!and its end is really nice!I also like slendrina very much she is too scary!it is the best game!

Kim Walsh

So level one in easy mode.. just getting used to what I gotta do etc, I find myself in a maze of doors, I collect all books and keys as instructed while bein chased my some extra from the grudge to be told I have to repeat level one again because I didn't get enough points?? I survived, I got the books, got the keys but that was not enough? What a load of s**t. If I wanted a memory game I'd download a puzzle!!!

Aamna Qazi

I don't have words to describe how scary it is and therefore I would not recommend it to those people who get scared easily coz this is the only game which might cause u to have a heart attack immediately....... So, try it at ur own risk guys!!!!

ja rude

i have played PT and didnt get scared at all. i threw my phone and screamed out loud multiple times. i have not even finished level 1 easy. fml. and i love scary movies and dont get scared too easily.

I really like this game. I like all the slenderina games. But this one really shouts out to me. And its because slenderina looks scarier, and in this one she has better plots in jump scares. One other thing I most certainly like is the sound. The sounds are so realistic, and my favorite part is when she opened and closed the door. Keep making these awesome games, they are the best! Xoxo

Rangan S

Tips-1.If you are still at cellar 1 there is nothing to worry about except that if slendrina appears,just turn around.2. If you are at cellar 2 or 3 and slendrina with 2 legs(the crawling one) is chasing run to a wall and when she comes near you, get to another wall to escape it 3. Don't go to hard level in any cellar until you get used to medium. 4. If you want the story of slendrina,download the following games in order- *slendrina the cellar *house of slendrina *slendrina asylum * *the child of slendrina * slendrina the forest *slendrina the school.* slendrina X 5. Slendrina the cellar 2 and 2D are only for a game. They don't tell anything for a story

Drags Juice

The game is so scary! I played this with a group of boys at school. One boy was playing and when he turned around Slendrina was suddenly there, so he literally threw my tablet and ran away along with the rest of the boys! It was hilarious and funny!???

shekhar thapa

Never thought that the game would be scary like scary movies. I really love the concept and gameplay. When you play you feel like you are the character and I guess better experience and fear happens by putting headphone ? while playing. My one suggestion is since this is scary not to play this game more at night as it could have psychological effect and please someone with mental weakness like anxiety or depression sufferers should also avoid it please. Just a suggestion, no wanna let you down.

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