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Version 1.0.3
Size 27.33 MB (28,653,897 bytes)
Developer aiwan
Category Games, Arcade
Package Name com.aiwan.slither.snake.io3d
OS 4.4 and up

Slither 3D - GAME description

Slither 3D,Brand 3d snake game
Slither 3D -,Brand 3d snake game, this is a multiplayer io game similar to snake, the difference is that you need to choose your character from a bunch of cute animal characters and skins! Players need to control their own characters, constantly absorb the fruits and desserts in the scene to enhance your strength, and at the same time defeat other players to become the last survivor. The game has smooth performance and gorgeous special effects display. Keep eating sweets and buffs to get higher scores. The higher the score, the longer the tail. Start experiencing it now and indulge in this exciting animal carnival!

This is a carnival among cute animals. You can get longer tails by constantly eating fruits and buffs. Indulge in this exciting animal carnival!

Game operation
The left area controls the direction of the character's movement, and the right click accelerates to speed up the movement.

Grow up eating fruit
Keep eating fruits and buffs to get higher scores. The higher the score, the longer the tail.

avoid collision
If your head collides with the tail of another player, you will lose! When others beat you, beat them in front of others!

Function (system)
Game mode
Ladder mode
Play against players from all over the world. Eat fruit, buff, beat other players... Which strategy would you choose to win?
Skill Mode
Complete the challenge task set by the system in the game to pass the level and get additional fragment rewards. Of course, as the challenge level increases. The difficulty of completing the task will become more and more difficult, go beyond your own limits!
Bounty mode
In this mode, gold coin items will be refreshed in the scene, and the player can directly count the total gold coins after picking it up. If you are qualified for the operation, you can get a lot of extra coins in this mode. Of course, after being killed, all the gold coins collected in the game will be dropped. The money grabbing battle is about to start, so hurry up and join in!
system
The game has a 14-day sign-in system, and you can get gold rewards after logging in to the game for the first time every day. You can also get animal character fragments when you sign in on a specific date
Mall system
There are various animal characters and tail skins in the mall. Players can use the currency obtained in the game to buy, so as to get a better game experience
Pass system
Players in the game will get experience points for completing corresponding tasks every day. The experience value can be used to upgrade the player's pass level. When the player's pass level reaches the corresponding level, they can receive all the rich additional rewards under that level. The tasks are refreshed daily, and 4 tasks are refreshed daily. The task is refreshed at 0 o'clock every day.

Main feature
Easy and cute multiplayer game!
You can use simple joystick controls to play games and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.
Unlock cute skins
Rabbits, puppies and more animal characters are available. Choose from many cute animal characters and tail skins!
Smooth gaming experience
Smooth game! There are no lag issues or performance issues.
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