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Smooth Driver Monitoring and Mapping APPLICATION description

Monitors driving for sudden stops and displays clusters of stop locations on map
Coaster® - The Smooth Driver Monitoring app is helpful for viewing and changing driver behavior on routes that a driver frequents, such as daily commutes or delivery routes. Smooth Ride monitors driving for sudden stops, logs the position of those sudden stops, and displays them on a map as markers. Over time, there may be clusters of sudden stops at certain locations. The sudden stop history is displayed on a map while driving and where there are stop clusters, this map display enables and encourages drivers to change behavior and instead "coast" through those areas where frequent sudden stops occur.

Usage: In order for the app to provide any value, you must drive your repeat routes and let it monitor driving in order to build up a history of clusters of sudden stops, if any. Most drivers will remain on the default monitoring and map screen. This screen displays the driver's current location on a map, monitors driving for sudden stops, and displays prior sudden stop markers and clusters. Occasionally, the driver may change the stop detection sensitivity or clear the sudden stop history. This app should be "boring" most of the time. If so, you are a "Smooth Driver" on smooth routes.

Stop and go driving can make driving a bad experience. Harsh braking and sudden stops are often indicators of inefficient driving or higher risk driving situations. They can often occur in the same road segments due to individual driving behavior, group driving behavior, road design, construction, and traffic patterns. Averaging speed can decrease the number of sudden stops, in turn decreasing accident risk, increasing fuel efficiency, and decreasing wear and tear on the vehicle.

This application samples the accelerometer and GPS data of the phone to detect where a driver makes sudden stops in order to aid the driver in avoiding sudden stops in that area again. No additional hardware installation is necessary. Using the application can help individual and fleet vehicles drivers who drive the same or similar routes or individual drivers on the daily commute or driving routines.

When a hard stop occurs, the location is logged. On future drives through that same area, a map marker or cluster is displayed where prior hard stops occurred. A single map marker will often be ignored. However, where there is a cluster of hard stops, the driver may choose to try to coast through that area in order to avoid additional hard stops.

For Individual Drivers - The repeat routes are often the daily commute and frequent errands. This app can be helpful in learning where stop clusters are on those routes.

For Fleet Vehicle Managers - The repeat routes are often the drivers’ delivery routes. This app may be useful in learning where stop clusters are on those routes, adding to your fleet telematics dataset beyond just driver scores. Risk is associated with location(s). The sudden stop history can increase safety for regular driver or when shared with a substitute driver or a new driver.

The hard stop detection sensitivity and prior hard stops display selection can be changed in the settings. The hard stop history can be reset at any time.

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This technology is the subject of U.S. Patent Number 9,959,687 and other patent applications. 'Smooth Ride' and 'Coaster' are trademarks of the application owner.
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