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The description SoftKey Enabler Apk

This App will help you enable the on-screen SoftKey (like the one present on Nexus devices) easily. Please make sure that you have a Rooted device. Navigating via SoftKey is easier than using hardware buttons specially with the big screen devices (e.g. Note 2). It is compatible with stock and custom ROMs (like CyanogenMod, AOKP etc). Please note that some stock launcher may seem a bit odd as they were not designed to go nicely with the on-screen button layout. To fix this issue use any other launcher available on Play Store.

Imagine a situation where you have damaged your hardware keys and unable to navigate then this App might save your day.

This is a free App with Ad. If you want Ad-Free version or want to support the development then please buy the Pro version from Play Store.

Requirements :
- Android 4.0 +
- Root
- Busybox should be installed

Tested Working On :
- Galaxy S3
- Galaxy Note 2
- HTC One X

Apart from the tested devices, it should be able to run on any rooted device running on Android 4.0+.

If you have any feature request, suggestions or bug report then please drop a mail to [email protected] We will try our best to resolve any issue or add add new feature.

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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 10, 2016
  • C5F64FD1B33CBC509B4A73E00C084C0ABCCD218F
  • 7490e5e818e17f153bfc4e93f54e7d6c
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10 recent comments of SoftKey Enabler APK

Chris Jones

On cyanogen mod God knowjs what knighly it works just as described. I missed them from my nexus 4.. (Doesn't work on kit Kat Roms) tested on cyanogen mod 11. if you want soft keys use a root explorer and goto system/build.prob and add qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 This will enable them on most devices as far as I know.

George Mariscal

This actually is working on my rooted Verizon Note 3. At first it didn't enable when I clicked on Reboot from your app. So I tried again I clicked on enable but this time I did a manual reboot from the power button and it worked. I wanted to see if it would Disable without a problem too, so I clicked on disable and did a manual reboot again with the power button and it disabled the soft keys. For that 5 stars. Thank you!

Larry Thomas Jr

On the galaxy note 2,the left virtual soft key doesn't perform the same action as the physical soft key. For instance when I want to access my pop up menu from the stock launcher home screen I get the most recently used apps, which is a nexus device feature for that button. On samsung devices, the left soft key/virtual key from the home screen should access the pop up menu, which includes settings, etc. Aside from that the home and back key work as expected.

Md Tofael Ahmed

I'm on rooted stock lollipop on Note 4. I always liked softkeys & thats the main reason I like AOSP ROMs. But I don't want to miss s-pen features. So this is the perfect solution for me! Developer should add some option, at least on the paid app, such as: hardware key disabling, vibration control, key customization. It would really really appreciated.

IIvan Troncoso

Update: Doesn't work on galaxy note 3... oh well. It's okay I edited the build prop my self however the system won't let me. So yeah don't try it on the note 3 just yet or launcher will have short crashes. This app makes things so easy! Thank you. Perfect for the galaxy note 2 :) and note 2 roms.


The soft keys covered like 90 percent of my screen and had to do a hard rest I was rooted so dont tell me it was that I lost all my familys photos and all my music dont install this app untill the developer tell me their sorry im on samsung galaxy tab 3

Jonas Clément

It does exactly what it claims to, but the soft keys aren't the same as the ones on the Nexus devices for me - they're a more brown-ish color and don't look as good. They're also in the wrong order (Multitasking - Home - Back)

Charles Moreland

Saw a few reviews saying it didn't work for Galaxy Note 3, but they were several months old, so I tried. As of this writing, it still does not work for Note 3. I am rooted with busybox. I have not installed a custom ROM so if this is the main problem, please let me know dev. Otherwise, I'll be happy to use this app when it works!

Oliver Meiklejohn

People give this negative reviews but really it does exactly what it says on the tin. It simply makes it easier to enable on screen keys, so you don't have to go digging around in the build.prop file. Incredibly simple, yet it does what it's meant to. Five stars

Hector E!

Thanks this works great on my phone I have had no problems but I would like if the buttons were updated to the newer ones but for now these are pretty good. Can't seem to disable the soft keys for some reason, now I am stuck with them.

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