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Version 0.84
Size 158.37 MB (166,063,484 bytes)
Developer Watercastlegames
Category Games, Sports
Package Name com.SonFootballerTycoon.WaterCastleGames
OS 7.0

SON Football Tycoon GAME description

Raising a World Class Son
About the game
- A management tycoon game where you manage a football school (academy) to raise your son to become a top Premier League player.

How to play
- Receive students from the football academy and take the desired items from the toolbox. Earn money.
- Hire coaches. They will automatically collect funds.
- Collect funds to decorate your son's training ground.
- As your son trains, he collects football boots.
- Increase your son's stats with football boots.
- Participate in soccer tournaments to make your son the best Premier League player.

- Hire mercenaries to help your team.
- Use the money to buy football boots items.

- Take a tryout and recruit students from the academy to join your team.
- Hire mercenaries from the SHOP to join your team.

Each round
- 4th Division
- 3rd Division
- 2nd Division
- Ligue 1
- Bundesliga
- Premier League
- Europa League
- Champions League

- Tryouts
- Son's scandal
- Refusal to play for the national team
- Endorsement modeling
- Advertising modeling
- Fan signing
- Charity events

Game Story
1. as a young man, I became a hero in a prestigious football club, winning glorious victories.
2. I joined a professional league, where I played as a frontline striker and won top scorer honors.
3. I was called up to the national team and represented my country with my skills.
4. a teammate of mine, who had been pushed out of the national team because of me, was seriously injured in training.
I was forced to retire from soccer and became an ordinary family man, giving up my dreams of becoming a soccer player.
6. One day my son told me that he wanted to become a football player.
I asked him many times and decided to be the best football coach for him because he wanted to play football.

Together... Do you want to go for son raising or hand raising?
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