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The description SoundHUD Apk

SoundHUD is a highly customizable volume panel replacement that doesn't require root access. And maybe best of all: It comes with a true silent mode for Lollipop users!

What's in the box:
Multiple styles - choose between an expandable volume panel, a statusbar volume panel, or just a thin line that stays out of your way
Lollipop silent mode - tired of the lack of a true silent mode for Lollipop? Yeah, so are we!
Long press actions - launch any app simply by long-pressing one of the volume buttons
No root required - leave the drill at home: no root, no Xposed - keep that sweet, sweet warranty!
Volume stream lock - got a media tablet? Turn on volume stream lock to always adjust the music volume instead of having to deal with a useless ringer volume
...and much more!

Like Lollipop's design and simplicity? It sure is swell, but it seems the stock volume panel didn't get the memo - if you've tried getting Lollipop to shush while still getting woken up in the morning, I'm pretty sure you were on the verge of feeding your phone to Rusty (pro-tip: plastic doesn't make a very good dog treat!). Enter SoundHUD, which comes with a true silent mode for Lollipop, an expandable volume panel with separate, draggable volume sliders for every volume stream (ringer, music, notifications, alarms, in-call volume), and much more!

Silent mode HOW-TO
1. Go to System settings -> Sound & notification -> Interruptions
2. Turn OFF all priority interruption switches
3. Get up, do a little dance, and enjoy the silence! No more calls, notifications, reminders - just alarms!

What's this funny "Accessibility"-business?!
To recognize when you press the volume keys and to auto-hide the default system volume panel, the app needs access to the "Accessibility" service. While we agree that the built-in warning sounds mighty scary - fret not: The app doesn't have Internet access and therefore can't phone home! Hello? Hello? Anyone? No? Oh well...

Made with ♥ in Germany

SoundHUD is based on Noyze by Tom Barrasso, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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  • v1.1
  • Android 4.3.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 18)
  • January 13, 2016
  • A9994DA2718A9BC509449638183585CF98C70213
  • 9b98551e5af8539583b9bfc272fea076
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10 recent comments of SoundHUD APK

Erin Gedeon

I must have tried 30 and this is the ONLY one that works with the volume buttons. All the others you have to open the app or use the notification tray. Also the only app that truly separates notification and ringer volumes. I don't want this because my buttons are broken, I want it because stupid Android 4.0 keeps the notification and ringer volumes interlocked!

Alec Leus

I really like the app and always keep it enabled, however there seems to be some bug with Google play music. Whenever I open music soundHUD crashes and no buttons on my phone work until I reboot my system. Unfortunately this happens way too often, so please fix it!

Ryan Shaw

It used to be that when I expand the volume panel, I could tap the ringer into silent mode. Then it updated and now it doesn't seem to work. Just gets stuck on ringer mode and won't silence. In order to quiet my phone I have to disable the whole app and do it normally. This kills HUGE functionality. It's been like this for a while but I've been holding out hope it was just some quick glitch that would be patched in a timely manner. Boy, was I wrong. They need to get on this now or this app is worthless.

Anthony Caruso

I can't use this app because it conflicts with the app "All in one Gestures", which I use to change the functionality of my home/back/recentapps buttons. SoundHUD reverts the buttons' functionalities to their defaults (probably because it lets you change what longpressing the volume does). Aside from that and some other miscellaneous little bugs, this app's alright.

Jonathan Ofri

the sound cracks in random times. I need to adjust the volume to fix it. at first I thought it was a YouTube video out something but then realized it was the app. please fix this ASAP

Chad Dodson

The volume slider and its background have irritated me since the beginning of android. With this app I make it completely transparent, which is exactly what it should be with a pure android experience. Thank you!

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