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The description Start MyPeugeot Apk

Available on the 108, New 208, 308, Partner Tepee and Partner, digital and easy to use, the Start MyPeugeot application helps you to get to know the controls on your new vehicle.

Install the Start MyPeugeot application on your smartphone, then view the information extracted from the handbook, the complete printed edition of which can be found in the vehicle's handbook pack(1).

A network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G,…) is required to download the Start MyPeugeot application from the Store.

As a safety measure, Start MyPeugeot should only be viewed when the vehicle is stationary.

The Start MyPeugeot application is also certified MirrorLink TM (2). For vehicles equipped with a Mirror Screen (3) touch screen, connect your smartphone to the USB port. You will then have access to the data from Start MyPeugeot in the vehicle's touch screen, when stationary.

As a safety measure, the Start MyPeugeot application in the touch screen should only be viewed when the vehicle is stationary.

Open Start MyPeugeot then download the descriptions and illustrations for the desired vehicle(s). You can then view the information in the application with a network connection.

Start MyPeugeotis intuitive and simple in use.

In the upper menu bar press :

• the "Planet" icon to choose the language, if different from that of the smartphone.

• the "Vehicle" icon to select a vehicle and view the extracts from the associated documents. Press again to create a list of vehicles, then download, delete or view the extracts from the associated documents.

• the "i" icon for access to the legal notice, including the Terms and Conditions.

In the navigation menu bar at the bottom of the screen, press :

• the "Binoculars" icon for access to a selection of images that include clickable targets or an illustrated list (in the form of a mosaic), then view the explanatory content.

• the "Headlamp on" icon for access to the warning and indicator lamps. Select a warning or indicator lamp, then view its name, significance and the initial advice to follow if it stays on.

• the "Screen" icon for information on the operation of the audio system, audio and telematic system or the touch screen. Depending on your vehicle's equipment, you will find useful information on adjusting the radio, the date, the time, pairing your telephone by Bluetooth®, ...

With Start MyPeugeot, make the most of your Peugeot.

(1) The information presented in the Start MyPeugeot application cannot in any circumstances be a substitute for the content or observation of the printed documents, which remain the reference documents, in particular the warranty and maintenance record and the version identified of the handbook.

(2) The MirrorLink TM Base certification, obtained for the Start MyPeugeot application from CCC (Car Connectivity Consortium), allows the screen of your smartphone to be replicated in your vehicle's touch screen. Your smartphone and the vehicle's touch screen must be compatible with MirrorLink TM version 1.1. and later.

(3) The Mirror Screen function is available as standard equipment or as an option depending on version. It allows some of the applications in the user's smartphone to be transferred to the vehicle's touch screen, provided that the smartphone is compatible. Only MirrorLink TM certified applications will work. The Mirror Screen function makes use of MirrorLink TM technology for MirrorLink TM compatible Android telephones, provided that a service plan including internet data is held. Automobiles Peugeot is not responsible for the content in smartphones, nor the possible effect of software updates on the performance of the Mirror Screen function.

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  • 2.0.4
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • June 27, 2019
  • E2C2ACD3AA390C5F2C7E3B0E95DDE4DD0277F15A
  • 4cb7c62d3136579f7b78c7770fc31bf0
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10 recent comments of Start MyPeugeot APK

Mayur Parekh

do not have any thing for model 207 ?

S7 doesn't link to mirror link . So now have to purchase a sat nav ... not happy ...if I had been told this at purchase I would of seriously kept my last Peugeot. Disappointed

Franz Kafka

Mirror link doesn't work obviously with my new Peugeot 208 and my Samsung s6 ?

Serafeim G

Nice idea and design but Greek characters are not displayed properly.

Doesn't work with 2017 208 and Samsung S7. Disappointing.

Amr Tareef

No 307 sw

Kausar Chowdhury

It only comes up with peugoet 208 2015

Ashley Dakin

why is it taking these so long to get this app working the website says updates 2017 still nothing they do not even respond to any emails or give information to when or even if they are updating this, it seems every other manufacturer can get this right so why not Peugeot. come on sort this out Not compatible with Sony Xperia and get no response when trying to contact the app email address they say new phones available in 2017 but when not good app will not mirror link

A Google user

S7 doesn't link to mirror link . So now have to purchase a sat nav ... not happy ...if I had been told this at purchase I would of seriously kept my last Peugeot. Disappointed

A Google user

Doesn't work with 2017 208 and Samsung S7. Disappointing.

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