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Stealing the DiamondStealing the DiamondStealing the DiamondStealing the DiamondStealing the Diamond

The description Stealing the Diamond Apk

Now that Henry has escaped from prison it's time for him to get back out there and make (read: steal) some money. A local museum has recently unveiled it's latest exhibit, the Tunisian Diamond. Help Henry decide which ways to get into the museum and steal the diamond!

-Features 40 unique fails!

-Three different endings, you could keep it low key, or charge in!

-Fail menus make it easy to go back to the previous choice and see all the possible scenarios!

-Achievements will give you that extra little thing to hunt for!

This game is the sequel to Escaping the Prison. Get it here:

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  • 1.0.3
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • December 15, 2016
  • 80A60BD30F8B0577D886C10E7721EA3F0CFEE535
  • 278d3c00ced4a91445d00d2c8b848f71
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10 recent comments of Stealing the Diamond APK

Forest Burdette

This game is AMAZING. 100% original, never seen anything like it - but then they also made 3 sequels which only get better and better! Nothing bad to say, just go play it! Instant gratification and intricate gameplay woven into a tapestry of hilarious (and clean) slapstick. And don't forget to play the sequels as well!!

Camden Boyd

I didn't think they could do much improving after that first game, but boy was I wrong! No Phoenix Wright included this time, but I'll forgive you. I got 37 out of the 40 possible endings, and am giving up because I don't think it's possible to get all 40. ? Oh well. Longer and better than the first. Get it, or die regretting your decision.

A Google user

Its fun.I font know why peoples keep saying BORING and TOO SHORT all the time.You can steal in many different way.Maybe they just too lazy to find out.?_?

Jellybeans Network

I love game so much sometimes it can be challenging that's what makes it a lot of fun. Also it can problem solve like if it was like it is right now for me at school it shows me to problem-solve to find a way to win it is cool so yeah thanks.

A Google user

I have idea to make another level is like if you done stealing the diamond the cops will follow you and you are gonna run and go help to her friend,now you have idea am i right i got 5 stars on this

aidan drury

Almost exactly like the pc version but a few fail messages and items are slightly wrong along with music used although that might be copyright reasons but nothing that affects the experience even if I made some stupid mistakes that I should have known was wrong but 42 fails when trying to get them all and again it was down to reaction time's

Audrey Ozcan

This game is ABSALOUTLY HILARIOUS! My fav part is this... FALCON PUNCH then he gets shot. Way too go! ??

jeffq luci

It's funny at first... but the ending is uninstalling the game once you used all the ways on how to steal the diamond. But the game is nice!

Sylvan Griffiths

THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOO FUN I DOWNLOADED EVERY STICKMAN ESCAPES oh and please make more because its awsome ☺☺☺☺ also make it longer please and have a better backstory keep it up have a nice day

A Google user

This game is awesome and it is so funny! My favorite part is when you fail with the laser cutter and it says, " U GET CUT Y U NO BLEED?

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