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Stopwatch Xtreme integrates with the popular app Alarm Clock Xtreme to solve all your timing needs. Use Stopwatch Xtreme to keep track of split/lap times and total times down to 1/100 of a second. Use this app for games, sporting events, work, science experiments, etc.

Stopwatch options also include the ability to use your device's side volume buttons to start/stop the time, and to keep your device screen on while the stopwatch is running. You can also email the split/lap and total times recorded by the app and have a record of your times.

Stopwatch Xtreme integrates seamlessly with the popular app Alarm Clock Xtreme. Download Alarm Clock Xtreme for an alarm clock and timer and solve all your timing needs with this pair of apps. Stopwatch Xtreme Free is ad-supported.

The paid version of this app is the same as the free version except without the ads. Try before you buy. Upgrade to the paid version to remove ads.

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10 recent comments of Stopwatch Xtreme APK

Charlie Warren

Conveniently built into Alarm Clock Extreme, has a Nice Laps Timer. This is Great if you are a Track Coach and you are checking the speed of different Runners, or for any Relays Games such as Youth Groups.

meng hui

Love the math wake me up challenges. In timer mode, how do u increase the notification from every 2 mins to 5 for a start? Great feature if it then reduces to 1 min last 3 mins.

Eric .Lastname

Tracking me is not acceptable when I paid for this app. I'm on a limited data plan and don't like wasting my data on this stupid app

Sam Ahn

Then how do I rate performance from day to day. I only got this because this past android update removed our alarm clocks.

Noel Keen

Fix it please! Won't get past the dumb sleep alert thing that needs to go away anyhow.

Daniel Wheeler

All that needs to be said.

Brian Hasleiet

The stopwatch with the alarm clock program is better than this stopwatch.

Robert Mark

Good addon, for the best alarm app.

Максим Невинский


John Mayfield

Works well & part of Alarm Extreme

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