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Strobe for MessengerStrobe for MessengerStrobe for MessengerStrobe for MessengerStrobe for Messenger

The description Strobe for Messenger Apk

It's GIF time! Flash through photos in different ways to create your own GIF and then send it to your friends with Messenger.

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  • unknown
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 15, 2016
  • 1bfa2c961fe14f54bcbd5e2d23e18805
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10 recent comments of Strobe for Messenger APK

Niklas Schwartzerdt

At this time, the app is useless to me. The pics rush by to fast and u only get to insert 4, so ppl get really confused if u send them this. The strength of gifs was also the option for lots of pics.

farty mc fart fart

Soft bricked my phone when tapping the shutter button. Required a battery pull and had me think of what would have happened if I had a phone with a non removable battery.

Cameron Wolters

You have mixed purety with disrespect i still see that you keep on changing colours when you desire this is not the case got it

Sandra Mabry

Seriously, no normal adult with a life is gonna want moving gif pics of their fb friend's!!

Madeleine Bourdon

I think the idea is good but it could be better. It lacks gif length options and other things like that. I'm still not sure I got an use for this app.

Your Pal Nurav

Instagram's App "Boomerang" is much simpler and better. Sorry Facebook, you let us down with this app.

Filip Gajic

But you should make a speed controller to adjust the speed of switching images. For some effects images are changing to fast.

Samantha P

I would like to have some control over the speed of frame change. Otherwise it's great!! I love it!

Fran Jones

I think this app is very cool and great, thanks ?

Bridgette Ryals

Especially for pics of my toddler son they defiantly express how he makes me feel at times.

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