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Version 1.10.55
Size 128.70 MB (134,956,219 bytes)
Developer GravityCode
Category Games, Casual
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OS 5.0

Talking Cat Lily 2 GAME description

Beautify your virtual pet, My Talking Cat Lily 2, and enjoy our cute cat game.
🌸🐾 Are you ready for a new virtual kitty friend? Meet Talking Cat Lily 2 and start an ever-lasting friendship with your new BFF, your very own talking fashion cat! You and your talking kitty will have hours of fun in this interactive game with cats. 🌼👧

🍽️ Keep your diva cat healthy and choose only the best food for Lily. Buy groceries, head to the kitchen and prepare delicious meals for your talking virtual cat. She needs to look her best and be a beautiful healthy pet. 🍎🍓🍇🐟🍣 However, one cookie or two will give her smiles too. 🍪😉

💦💦🛁 Every virtual fashion cat adores her bubble baths! Make your pretty virtual cat the cleanest kitty there is, and don’t forget to brush her teeth after every meal! Good hygiene is important, and you will even earn some extra coins to spend in this talking cat app! 💰

💬🎤 Talking cats, of course, like to talk but they cannot do it without you. Talk to your cute fashion kitty and she will repeat everything you say. You can sing too, and your pet friend will sing back to you. You’ll be entertained for many hours playing this interesting talking cat game. 🎙️📢

🎀🌟 Your beauty cat loves to look perfect, so choose the best cat makeup for Lily and give your talking virtual pet a stylish makeover. There are plenty of different options to choose from: you can start by changing the eye color of your talking pet and match other cat makeup to this. Try out a cool lipstick and apply a matching eyeshadow to make your diva cat the fanciest catgirl in town! 💄💅 Don’t forget to blush her cheeks and to put on mascara, and complete the cat makeup with a finishing powder. Let your talking kitty feel like a true princess! 👸 🤳

👓👗👜 My talking cat Lily 2 keeps up with the latest fashion trends! So choose only the most stylish outfits to dress up your pretty diva cat. Choose from a broad selection of dresses, hairstyles, special costumes and accessories and make your BFF Lily become a fashion superstar talking cat! Playing cat games for girls is a perfect way for young talking kitty fans to learn about style and fashion. 🎀👝

🛏️💤 After all that fun, your virtual fashion cat needs to take her beauty sleep. Put her in bed and make sure to turn off the lights so your virtual cat could refill her energy and continue to play with you. Your favorite talking pet will get enough rest for another day full of excitement and be ready for new challenges. ⚡☀️

🐰🐧🦉 Like you, your fashion kitty Lily likes pets too. Try collecting all the pet plushies by pulling out winning balls from the toy booth and get a true pet for your gray talking cat. She will be the happiest virtual cat of all the talking cats in the cat simulator world! ❤️

🏡🏰 Decorate each of the rooms in your talking pet’s house and make a perfect cat home for your virtual talking animal. Make your fashion cat feel like a princess in a castle! Choose the best combinations of furniture and home accessories and have hours of fun in this amazing talking cat game for girls. 🎮👧

🎮💰 Play super fun mini games and earn extra coins to spend on many different features this game with cats has to offer. Choose among various action, arcade, puzzle or casual mini games and win some additional items for your cute virtual kitty. Mini games will keep you entertained when your diva cat sleeps or you have finished all the tasks and you just need to relax. 😺

🎵🎹 My talking cat Lily 2 loves music and dance, because music makes the world go round! Help your dancing cat play her virtual keyboard and watch how she dances to the rhythm you make together! Show off your music talent and dance with Lily all day! Cat games for girls are such fun!!! 🎶☀️

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My Talking Cat Lily 2 is a free virtual pet game and talking cat app published by Gravity Code - All rights reserved.

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