team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事! Apk

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team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事! v2.0.5 Apk screenshots

team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事!team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事!team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事!team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事!team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事!

The description team+ for Gov:為工作溝通而生,更適合談公事! Apk










★team+私有雲標準版提供免費體驗方案,讓企業能以零風險方式輕鬆導入team+­,請至team+官方網站線上申請: Private messages with LINE or FB, work team + message on to it! First designed specifically for the workplace Taiwan IM app, Gongsifenming message management make everyday communication efficiency increased dramatically, quickly pulling his colleagues used with the boss, never ever do the private LINE or Facebook account colleague told Hello! !

Totally free instant messaging and team + binding face book type working community discussion, plus "can return to work schedule assignment" and "can be booked sender corporate announcement" and other intimate functions, as well as high security level TLS encryption technology, any type of team can feel at ease using team + boost communication and collaboration force.

[IM: Designed for work situations design]
- May be one or group chat
- You can send text, pictures, video, file, and recording
- Provide "read / unread" list information, grasp the precise status
- Midway join the conversation who can see previous conversations, quick access status
- Designed for daily communication design expression maps

[Corporate Contacts: Only work partners, public and private was clear]
- Email the company registered, you can automatically colleagues together, invite super easy!
- Address Book can be divided into sectors, easy to find
- You can set a list of common contacts and groups

[Team Community: discussion focused, efficient communication]
- To follow department, project, topic or association, team building interactive community
- Each team have a dedicated discussion area face book, file area and work items area
- Every Posts can then discuss additional photos, videos, sound recordings, archives, location
- Post Posts selectable synchronous send email

[Work Management: coherent, easy to master]
- Important work instructions no longer be submerged in a huge bubble in dialogue
- Separate work area, and be assigned to do quickly master the working state
- Progress ready to return to work with interactive communication, management efficiency

[Announcement: You can schedule an appointment broadcasting system]
- You can create multiple announcement channels, such as the general manager or department bulletin bulletin
- Each group announcement channel list can be custom message received
- Support for appointment scheduling and regional location settings, available at a specified time and geographical area to send a message

★ team + Cloud Edition registered to use completely free of charge, provided they have the domain of corporate email can sign Oh!

For team + more features or to use the web version, go to the team + website

★ team + private cloud Standard Edition offers free trial program, so that enterprises can easily be imported at zero risk way team +, please go to the team + official website online application:

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  • 2.0.5
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • July 28, 2018
  • 277CFA5DF3749C8B19B40146E45A24647771CE58
  • 8b70f366e774242f79788ac2b73d5dd3
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