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Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™Tentacle Wars ™

The description Tentacle Wars ™ Apk

Fascinating Singleplayer Strategy Game
Intense Audiovisual Experience
Based on the popular Flash Game with 25 Million Fans

• 80 Missions in an Exceptional Campaign Mode
A contaminated alien organism is about to die... Take a deep look inside, while it launches its final defense program. Enter a microscopic world of cells, neurons and DNA tentacles. Take control of the last antibody cells and save the entire species from extinction.

• Make the Impossible Possible
You can cure the organism by capturing enemy cells. To do this, draw a line between green antibody and red enemy cells. This will launch DNA tentacles which drain energy from enemy cell cores and eventually overtake them. Keep an eye on your energy supply and boost your attacks by cutting the tentacles. Capture all enemy cells to secure a zone. Cure all zones and the life form will survive…

• Furious Enemy
Beware of an intelligent and wide awake enemy which fights back without ever giving up. You’ll need to stay focused and master the art of “Tentacle War” in order to prevent the death of your host.

✓ All New Game Experience
✓ Easy to Get Into, Hard to Put Down
✓ HD Display Support
✓ Microscopic World
✓ Suspenseful Atmosphere
✓ 80 Single Player Missions
✓ Original Soundtrack
✓ Optional Random Level Generator
✓ Google Play services

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  • 2.1.8
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • May 3, 2016
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  • 2.1.6
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 27DDBA65E41C6F94EB4D744CED50A8CB6E15CD66
  • 8e87704f12118d311a88380fbd988769
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10 recent comments of Tentacle Wars ™ APK

Kevin Podgorski

This game can't be beaten without paying or watching ads. The later are incredibly unfair. Ludicrously unbalanced. It doesn't matter how good you are, what you try, nothing. I play games to win, not struggle in the same level because I refuse to spend money. I hope the developers get diabetes. Uninstalled.

Syphlex Syphlex

The game starts off fun, but later they introduce a cell that absorbs other cells, the stages become to dependant on those cells, even to the point where those are your only cells, which is gamebreakingly horrible. The absorb cells also have horrible clicking. The stages where you are forced to play with absorbing cells are no fun, it breaks the flow of the game

Ricky B

Would be 4-5 stars but you cannot play random levels unless you rate the app. I don't mind supporting devs, but tactics like that are bad for all.

Cyberknight Massao Kawata

Unoriginal divide and conquer game, but very well done. The scenarios present different levels of difficulty, some more intense than others. Controls are very responsive and graphics are nice, but couldn't get addicted to it, as there is nothing new to the game style (no power-ups, no items to collect, no upgrades...)

İlke Akova

I loved this game. The reason I gave only 2 stars is because of the update. I used to have more than 15 vaccines, completed all the levels and solved more than 150 random levels. Next day update came, I opened the app and ALL of my progress was gone. I hate when that happens. I felt so angry because I felt like I wasted a lot of time. If you think you don't want to face such a situation, DO NOT play this game.

dayne hooten

it's a good game until you start absorbing... the thing I hate the most is the popups.. freezes the game. and more levels would be fun if these were fixed 5 star game

CJ Schnase

It is a lot of fun, although I often accidentally pull down my phone's system menu. Only two levels were too difficult for me to get the 3 star rating. One of which took a few hours to "perfectly" complete it.

King Arthur

There are levels that there is no way you can beat it without using vaccine. The game concept is nice but devs completely ruined the game just to have some extra money. I wouldnt mind supporting it. But not just to progress in the game. Worst game devs i have ever seen.

Jeremy Morain

Hope the ad revenue tastes good you degenerate sellouts. Forced to rate for random levels as well. Greedy and selfish. Wish I could rate 0 stars.

Mason Quocksister

This game doesn't support you while in levels it's like floppy bird but more annoying 1 level you can't even reach the enemy and I spent hours figuring out how to do it and still can't find out how... do not support this and will tell Mai school to never get this app it sucks

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