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Developer Yasubuta Games
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OS 5.1 and up

The Viridian Obelisk GAME description

Uncover the many secrets of an ancient world, defeat evil & claim your destiny!
Quick Introduction
The Viridian Obelisk is a Semi-Idle, Side-Scroller, RPG. As such, your character may battle on their own. However, with your oversight and input, your capabilities will significantly increase.

You'll start out weak & fragile, but by grinding & sheer will you'll slowly but surely grow stronger and stronger. You'll battle through dungeons, bosses and timed challenge levels. You'll find rare items, learn powerful spells, and empower your character.

Should you persevere, you'll reach the object of your obsession, the end of your quest; the Viridian Obelisk.

Lore & Story
As the world is thrown into chaos and hope fades, adventurers gather to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Gods.

A perpetual war has been raging across the known lands. Three factions have struggled for supremacy.

The Guild of the Grand Magus; an archaic cult of mages, constantly in search for novel ways to manipulate, harvest & utilize arcane energy. With their intellect, wisdom & cunning, they seek to outsmart & outlast their foes.

The Order of the Holy Blade; righteous zealots, whose ambitions are overshadowed by none other. Through divine insight & ability, they face any threat without fear. But, their brutal methods & fundamentalism garners strong foes.

The Clan of the Hollow Skull; once savage tribal communities, now united under one creed. Its members value strength & might above all else. A culture that spawns fierce, uncompromising warriors.

At the height of turmoil, a faint rumor is heard; one of the Lost Obelisks has resurfaced.

The Viridian Obelisk.

Goals, Design Approach, In-depth Gameplay & More
With the Viridian Obelisk, our main goal was to create a role-playing game with the focus on a relaxing and satisfying player experience. The game plays in portrait mode, minimum oversight is required, progression is slow but steady.

The game is playable offline, contains no ads, microtransactions or other immersion breaking elements.

Another important focus for us is player choice.

Firstly; playstyles. The game can be played in short bursts, or for a prolonged amount of time, depending on what your prefer. Due to in-game mechanics, your character will be stronger if you're paying attention and doing everything you can to help your character advance.

However, you may also, for the most part, let the game play by itself. When an obstacle that requires your input is presented, your device will notify you, allowing your to respond accordingly.

Whichever style will allow your character to progress, albeit at different paces.

Secondly; character customization. Building you character is an important part of the Viridian Obelisk. At creation you'll choose your faction allegiance and heritage. These will impact how you're perceived and treated in the game world.

Progressing through the game you'll choose your weapons, armor, accessories, spells & attributes. Upgrade and combine these to create powerful & versatile builds that fit your style of play.

Thirdly; story & world interaction. The story is present, but not obligatory. If you take the time to read conversations, in-game discoveries etc., there's a narrative observable throughout the game. We've built a cohesive fantasy world, with factions, characters, locations and lore.

But, we understand that's not something everyone wishes to partake in. Some may just want to slay monsters, level up, slay stronger monsters, repeat. Which is of course valid. For that reason the story, in general, will not interrupt gameplay.

We hope you'll have as much fun playing the Viridian Obelisk as we have developing it. If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions, contact us at: [email protected]

You can read more about the Viridian Obelisks development, updates & more at:
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