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This app helps you to keep your phone safe: It sends you an email containing your phone's IMEI, IMSI, and SIM Serial, unique identifiers with which your mobile carrier can disable your phone if it is stolen or lost! The email includes helpful links on what to do in such a case. You should keep it safe until you need it.

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  • 1.2
  • Android 1.1 (SDK: 2)
  • January 12, 2016
  • A9994DA2718A9BC509449638183585CF98C70213
  • 74af622bef1075909ccb24b3b373f04c
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10 recent comments of Theft Relief APK

Alan hat

Uses your email app to send the email so you can review the info. Only sends details for one of the 2 SIM cards - this is a dual-sim phone. I like the extra info in the email, I wonder if it's current?

Alistair Warwick

IMEI reported as NULL. SIM and IMSI show no result.


Untrusting. , I Want Who Is Cheaper

A Google user

Does what it says. Also useful if you just want to copy your IMEI to the clipboard. Icon is ugly, though.

A Google user

Simple if you dont already know how to find this info. Would be better if it sent you an email everytime a different SIM was put in the phone...

A Google user

i work for rogers. ur provider cant give you the info, the sim could be switched 4 a diff providers. The app is on the device so it will see new sim.

A Google user

I've installed this App on 3 of my Android Devices and it has failed to capture ANY information. I was at least hoping it would capture my serial numbers so I could email them to myself. However, this App pulled up NO information for my Motorola Droid Razr , my Samsung Galaxy S or my Acer Iconia Tab A500. I'll try it again in the future, and if it works, I will change my rating and review.

A Google user

Uhm, who else is seeing this info? What assurances do we have that A) app maker isn't harvesting unique phone IDs & email addresses; or B) no one else is intercepting those unencrypted emails?

A Google user

It sends the email as yourself as the sender, so it got caught in a filter. But luckily does what it says.

A Google user

Tried on HTC Incredible, but never received the email. Also didn't detect serial number.

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