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Thermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR OneThermal Camera+ for FLIR One

The description Thermal Camera+ for FLIR One Apk

PLEASE NOTE: ###This application requires the FLIR One USB thermal camera or S60 device (hardware) to be connected to your smartphone. ###
For details to the FLIR One, please visit

For a manual please see:

Please test my free app (Thermal Camera for FLIR One) first to figure out if everything works fine for you before buying.

Thermal Camera+ for FLIR One is a viewer application for the external FLIR One camera and the Cat S60® smartphone. By using the raw data from the thermal camera, it can use the full capabilities of the hardware.

Plus Features:
- Gallery for thermal images
- Adjust temperature range (long press min/ max values)
- Multi-frame Super Resolution
- If the icon is green: Super Resolution works
- If the icon is red: SR couldn't blend over the last frames and doesn't work
- change the sharpening mode (in the settings)
- MSX offset correction
- Live identification of minimum and maximum
- No watermark
- Hide the real color image
- Nearest neighbour scaling mode
- Manual shutter mode (long click shutter icon)
- Can save:
- MSX Images (FLIR radiometric JPG)
- Non-MSX Images (New algorithm)
- Real Color Images

Free Features:
- manual gamma regulation of color scale
- full Lepton 3 sensor resolution 160x120
- original SDK MSX mode
- higher precision for calibration data
- lock of temperature range
- FLIR Tools integration
- on-screen temperature

Supported Devices:
- FLIR One v2 for Android (FLIR ONE App)
- Cat S60® Smartphone (MyFLIR for Cat S60)

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10 recent comments of Thermal Camera+ for FLIR One APK

Vlad Lapadatescu

I like the app, but it has some weird bugs sometimes. I'm not 100% convinced it's the app though, or the FLIR SDK that they're using, but the app occasionally crashes, doesn't detect the camera, or is slower than normal. They have a few cool options as opposed the FLIR app, but I wish it was a bit customizable. For example, pictures with SR on aren't saved with the device rotation if I take pictures in landscape mode.

Luis Fraguada

Great app for the Flir One! I've recommended it to anyone I know with compatible hardware. Everyone has thanked me. I've also contacted the dev to suggest some features and they've been implemented in latest release! Thanks!

Alexander Malchev

I bought the app, but there is a problem with it... It crashes every time when I open the settings menu and close it. Also, can you add the measured temperature to be shown next to the cross? I have a Flir one 3-rd gen and a Samsung Galaxy S8. Now I can't even refund the money for it, because I had to test it for a while... So it'll be nice to have it fixed. I would use it definitely!

Jarrad Wallace

on my cat s60 this app is undoubtedly superior to the stock app. the image clarity is noticeably better. Also, when the phone is in motion the image seems smoother and more forgiving than the stock app which gets a bit jumpy unless i pan slowly. i would definitely recommend giving this app a try if you're using it with Cat S60 phone.

Marcel Charity

Option to turn on the camera flashlight would be a plus for close up work...also a button to close the app. Finally having the temparature reading of the marker on screen (picture) as an option would be a would having 2 temperature cursors... Overall good app.

Casey Jones

This is so much better than the stock app. I have a CAT S60 and before I got this app I was disappointed with the FLIR, but this app makes it much easier to use and it doesn't have the video lag that the stock app has.

Ryan Walsh

Great app, I like it better than FLIR's apps. There are some features I would like to have though: 1. The option to display the crosshair temperature under the crosshair or the ability to drag and drop the crosshair. I find it inconvenient in portrait mode to look at the bottom of the screen to read the temperature, it's difficult to concentrate on both the image in real time and the crosshair temperature, if for example I want to focus on a moving object. 2. Add multiple crosshairs to monitor temperature of two locations/objects simultaneously. Seems like there's plenty of free space in the bottom pane for extra rows of status information. 3. Toggle to show temperature under max and min arrows. 4. Remember last MSX mode or an option to configure the default. Everytime I open the app I need to enable MSX mode. 5. Capture raw data to a snapshot to a known format and a viewer to reproduce frame and interact with it (touch a spot to see temperature) 6. Capturing Video. 7. A floating thermal camera widget, would be great to get a preview in the foreground of applications. A home screen or lockscreen widget would also be neat, I know it's possible to view an application activity in keyguard, including previewing from a regular camera. 8. Option for PIP for real camera over thermal. Similar to the reason I mentioned with having the crosshair temperature under the crosshair. 9. All features in MSX mode, if it ever becomes possible with the framework. That would include min/max temp arrows, drag and drop crosshair, etc. Would also be neat if it were possible to disable the regular camera in MSX mode so I only have the thermal image/data showing (not talking about the regular camera display on the bottom right).

An excellent alternative for Cat S60 owners, it is a more powerful app with several useful options not found in MyFLIR. No ugly watermarking of images, either.

Jim Ratcliffe

Great app, just tested on the CAT S60 and works a treat, uses both cameras too, brilliant app to replace the MyFLIR app preinstalled on the phone...

Noel Nestor

Great work, far better then disappointing stock app, hopefully the video and time-lapse will come in future updates, we'll worth purchase keep up good work

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