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Version 0.990000
Size 61.52 MB (64,510,163 bytes)
Developer Depigo Games
Category Games, Simulation
Package Name com.DepigoGames.TotalBattleRagdollSimulator
OS 5.1

Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator GAME description

Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator based on physics with Ragdoll Sandbox and Company

Don't know how to pass the time? Spend them in our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator. Playing Ragdoll Battle is never boring!!!

Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator is an exciting physical Ragdoll Battle and Ragdoll Company Simulator at the same time.
In our Ragdoll Sandbox Battle game you will feel like a real commander of a large squad in a Ragdoll Playground Sandbox. We have created a large number of cool maps that can accommodate a lot of Ragdolls, because this is primarily a Ragdoll Battle!
You can place your wacky Ragdolls in any places, poses and objects. Have time to enjoy the silly Ragdoll physics in the Ragdoll Sandbox Battle.
In our Ragdoll Company Simulator, you will show the blue Ragdolls where they belong and prove that the red Ragdolls always win!
Our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator has prepared for you various secret Ragdolls that you can find by exploring all the maps in detail in flight mode! If you found a secret Ragdoll on some map in our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator, then in order to open it you need to fly up to it and wait for the corresponding inscription!
Don't waste your time playing boring and ill-conceived similar games, because our Ragdoll Sandbox Battle is better than all of them and has more features in it! We have made our Ragdoll Company Simulator better than any other game! In Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator you will find features that none of our Ragdoll Playground Sandbox competitors have!

Company Battle levels are tested multiple times to make sure you have fun playing our Ragdoll Battle! Each level in Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator has multiple difficulty levels that add interest to their completion and challenge you to play Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator!

Features of our Ragdoll Battle:

-Our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator is exactly what you were looking for! We have Ragdoll Sandbox Battles and Ragdoll Company Battles!

-All levels in the Ragdoll Company Battles between Ragdolls are well balanced!

-We are constantly updating our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator and listen to the opinions and ideas of our players!

- We are not obligated to constantly show you ads in our Ragdoll Sandbox Battle!

-We try to make the Ragdolls in the game completely different and interesting!

-We make all the maps for this Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator with love for our players and the desire to please them with something interesting (in our Ragdoll Sandbox Battle)!

-We have secret Ragdolls that you can find on almost every map in Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator!

- Try to get multiple achievements for Ragdoll Sandbox Battle in Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator! Ragdoll Sandbox Battle is a unique experience on your favorite maps and with your favorite Ragdolls!

- Try to get numerous achievements for completing the Ragdoll Company Battles!

-In the Ragdoll Company Battles you will find many interesting and entertaining levels of varying difficulty and with different Ragdolls!

-In the settings of our Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator you will find many features for the most comfortable game!

-We have the best optimization among all competitors in Ragdoll Playground Sandbox!

-We value our Epic Battle Ragdoll Simulator audience! That's why we are constantly giving away bonus codes for our Ragdoll Sandbox Battle game!

-Try to play in our Ragdoll Playground Sandbox!!!

Our Ragdoll Playground Sandbox team is not big, but we believe we can give you an unforgettable Total Battle Ragdoll Simulator game!
Love, Ragdoll Playground Sandbox team!
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