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The description Tower Boxing Apk

OMG - This is out of control!
10 dudes with insanely hard punches decided to knock down a skyscraper.

WAIT! You're not going to help them, are you? :O

- Choose your favorite character
- Tap left or right to tear down the tower walls
- Dodge obstacles like balconies and company signs

This Just In:
Boxing champ 'Wrecking Ballboa' crushed the Goggle office's floor.


++ Colorful Retro Graphics
++ Sweeping Chiptune Soundtrack
++ Game Services Leaderboard & Achievements
++ Unlockables

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  • 1.0.4
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • January 12, 2016
  • 4C0796360C6663D1720E4D5C2FEC2CC027E9592C
  • 8fba1d2c529e2b81a290a11d1f6c25b2
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10 recent comments of Tower Boxing APK

Estefani Solorio

I thought this would be similar to rampage but the character cant even destry the people or tank and planes that are passing buy. I keep moving from one side of the building to the other, avoiding the balconies but for some reason i always suddenly die. Not sure if the little tanks are shooting at me. It sucks not knowing.

M3LP L30n

The game is a simple innovative game, all you really do is tap left or right, but yet it is so addictive and fun. Sorry about my earlier review hut I seriously hate when developers put some auto review program to get there game out there. I will say this once, I like to be able to at least play for a day before you can ask me to review your game otherwise I am just going to start giving ones, and stupid answeres for the review.

Axel Robertson

The retro graphics and music are great, playability is good, but it's extremely hard. I would like to be able to play for more than 15 seconds before dying. And my record in Timberman is over 1000, so it's not me. This is way too hard

Kari Domanski

I have been playing this game for about 20 min. now and nothing is around to kill me but I die and my time hasn't run out yet. Also when you switch sides of the tower without a platform it smashes that floor, but when you try to switch sides with a platform on the one you switch to it doesn't smash it and you die. This is why it gets 2 stars is because the game doesn't make sense and it confuses the simplistic user that wants to kill time.

Marlin Tisdale Jr

The game is so simple yet very easy to get attached to. Has a nice arcade feel that reminds me of rampage accept you don't scale buildings to crush them you do it from the ground. My only gripe is that it doesn't save your currency once the app closes forcing you to build up coins all over again

Michael Daaboul

Simple game where you tap to smash parts of the building avoiding obstacles. That's it, at first it's fun, but soon overstays its welcome. It doesn't feel repetitive, but the higher levels don't account for much progression. I would like to see more modes and an upgrade system. Ads are very annoying.

Calvin Ho

The ads making the game a little buggy.. every time when I go very fast, the next start will kinda hang for a while before I can proceed.. and I don't kinda like how the ads are showing.. maybe reduce the number of times ads showing.. to others, this is quite a very easy game.. is not hard at all and I able to keep the timer bar full and going fast at 100+,200+ points..

A Google user

Every few days I open the game only to find that I lost my score, character, and coins. This isn't just me. my friends have the app on their iPhone and seem to be suffering from the same problem so we have to start again. Until the issue is resolved I refuse to reinstall the game.

Jessica Diaz

I absolutely love this game! Its pretty challenging but it's also pretty addicting. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the random pop up ads that happen after a few tries. They just get annoying. Otherwise, great game!!!

Ron Lai

If you've got time to kill, this would be the worthy successor to the genre of endless button mashers. Replayability is questionable but if you ever have an urge to release tendon, look no further.

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