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Version 9.6
Size 8.85 MB (9,276,671 bytes)
Developer M0DSMCPE Team
Category Games, Adventure
Package Name com.Addon.Minecraft.MCPE.TreeHouse.Mod
OS 4.4

Tree House Map Minecraft GAME description

Tree House Craft Map for MCPE
Hello, this is my first submission on MCPEDL! This is a treehouse map with a small farm. It is inspired by LDShadowLady’s Panda Research center. It comes with a treehouse, an animal farm, and a crop farm. It doesn’t have a nether portal yet but I will add soon!
It is in the jungle with all its beautiful glory. There is a river passing by underneath which makes it a beautiful view for eyes! And there’s some pandas near the house with a WHOLE LOT OF BAMBOO! But be careful at night, the jungle is known for danger so be careful and geared up, da monsters ain’t that friendly!
There are many cliffs around but they have alot of ores. The view is so amazing you dont want to do anything else! It is really protective and you cant even get hurt inside the treehouse!
So I guess this is a safe treehouse base. Crops that grow: Nether wart, bamboo, pumpkin, melon, wheat, beetroot, coco beans, sugar cane, sweet berries, carrots and potatoes. I will add red and brown mushrooms later. Farm animals: Cow, chicken, sheep, pigs (in “With pigs”) theres an emergency farm with the animals so you can feed them quickly. Theres and armour stand, crafting table, furnace, blast furnace, smoker and all the stuff you normally need. Oh! And a painting. With vines everywhere, theres absolutely everything you need!

This is an unofficial app. Name, brand and assets are the property of the owner Mojang AB.This app just help you to get new experience in survival and exploration in the game.Your crafting and building gawe will be more fun with new mod,map,skin,addon,shader and texture!If you feel there are trademark violations which don't fall under the "fair use" rules, please contact us by email.
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