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The description Truck Simulator 3D Apk

Tired of parking trucks? Then you have to play Truck Simulator 3D! Driving a big truck can be difficult, will you be able to finish all the jobs? Truck Simulator 3D is set in USA, inlcudes 11 big american cities, 8 cool trucks to choose from and a lot of unexpected features! Try to be the best Truck Driver in the world, become the King of the road!
Truck parking is nothing, become a real driver and play Truck Simulator 3D!

- American map including all the major cities
- Realistic truck physics
- Traffic cars system
- Different trucks to drive
- Truck customization
- Day & night cycle
- Realistic damage, fuel and fatigue
- Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls
- Interior Camera for all the trucks!
- Cool and smooth graphics
- Challenge your friends with online rankings and achievements

Truck Simulator 3D is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at

For a smooth game play we recommend minimum 1GB RAM memory and 1 GHZ dual core processor. Have fun!

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  • 2.1
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • February 16, 2017
  • C8E182D1FA94B94C58245C17A28D66F299D46061
  • 9d79cc61a3f0f706b4d6f75919bc2d30
  • - performance improved!
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  • 2.0.2
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • March 9, 2016
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  • 2.0.1
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • dc17e041e48146c34edb990239fd7717
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  • 2.0.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • C8E182D1FA94B94C58245C17A28D66F299D46061
  • 32a61c2af9aad82381ef011ee75f489e
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  • 1.9.9
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • C8E182D1FA94B94C58245C17A28D66F299D46061
  • 22a98c27351f6d1e6609ac23b98c26cc
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10 recent comments of Truck Simulator 3D APK

Randy Valentine

Just add more trucks more places to go an maybe work on the graphics a little more make more stuff to see as you drive down the boring open. Highway. Like animals an mountain an more builds an more a lot more small towns to drive throw and add in the fact you can own your own business take a look at Grand truck simulator an then see what you can do thank you I'll be looking for some new updates

Ryledeswin Estira

Cars on the higway Keeps on swearving Every time i horn They lag and fly So Fix that Dont make cars Swearve and on the Higway the hill kinda like i cant pass it if i have Trailor so im giving it a 4 star i was gonna make it 5 then when i saw Glithing Swearving Flying car im just gonna give it a 4... Nice game and all fix the swearving and flying cars

Joshua Antill

It's good but you need real truck brands like freightliner, kenworth, Mac, peterbilt, and Volvo this would make me happy, and by the way you don't have all the major cities you forgot Pittsburgh, Philly, Cleveland, colombus, st Louis, Jaxonville. And you don't experience the life of a truck driver and I can say this because my dad is one, you don't hook the lines up, close the trailer doors, raise and lower the legs, or pull the 5th wheel pin to disconect.

Jeremiah Martell

Best truck game, love the blinkers, what if the other cars had blinkers and drove better? Anyway....I played this game for months. All of a sudden, when you fixed the headlight glitch (Yay!) all of my controls are half sticking out of the side of my screen. It didn't adjust itself right to fit my screen. Though I can still play, I want this to be fixed soon. Otherwise, very good and recommended! Still playing....please fix. :-)Tip: maybe add more things on the road besides just driving all day. The controls are excellent, I LOVE tilt steering, its the most easy way to control things. Otherwise, very good game.


The Cars Have Little Respect for When the Trucks Are Turning And Add More cities like the US and Add Businesses And Truck Stops Make The Cities Larger Add Trucks Driving Through The Cities And Get Rid of The Loading Map Before You reach A City It's To Slow Sometimes Please Add these

Robert Fillie

I love the fact that you can sometimes haul a set of doubles although I wish that the mirrors worked and that the horn sounded like a semi truck horn and not like a train horn! One more thing is that I wish that you could haul sets of triples as well and maybe even road trains like they have in Australia.

A Google user

First of all I like this game . So being said there is an issue or two that need to be addressed urgently. 1. I went into the forum then when I returned to the game I had lost all my cash.. 2. A side mirror would be good. 3. You need a better GPS guidance system. 4. The mini map needs to be in a different place .. 5. I really really like this game and would like a reply.. Ty game team for your time

Caleb Boucher

It is a great game. Although it could use an update for bug fixes, more trucks, and better graphics. The bug fix for my tablet is that whenever I get a load delivered to the destination, it kicks me out of game, and if I change the color of my truck, the color of my truck just turns white. Please fix this. Kind Regards, Caleb Boucher

Aryan Maheshwari

It's extremely cool. It's a complete pastime and has the map of The United States having all the important cities and you can travel everywhere as if you are on the real freeway, there are proper exits and the game is well made for a device like a smart phone. You will get penalties if you speed (only in front of cops so if you see them, drive slow, otherwise I drive very fast XD). The only issue is when you reach your destination, you need to aline your truck which might me a headache but otherwise, it's awesome!!! Must download.

Ryan E

U need better head lights, needs to be more realist, need better trucks and trailers. Need to fix ur issue too. I probably going to be a trucker but this not even close to being a truck simulator it was a slap together game no thoughts involed.

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