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Vampr - Collaborate RemotelyVampr - Collaborate RemotelyVampr - Collaborate RemotelyVampr - Collaborate Remotely

The description Vampr - Collaborate Remotely Apk

From little things, big things grow. It all starts with a connection. Vampr is the number one social platform helping creatives find people to collaborate with, create new music and monetize their work - an essential network that grows with you every step of your journey.

CONNECT - Find musicians, industry professionals and music lovers near you. Be inspired by the next generation of talent.

CREATE - Build your team. Stay in touch, get creative and message your new contacts. Keep your profile up-to-date with YouTube and Soundcloud integration.

CONTROL - From Publishing to Pro with Distribution - we’re here to support you professionally and help you make money from your tracks. The possibilities are endless!

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  • 5.5
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • November 21, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 7302cd9ac0191f04e99f6ed9c3717ef3
  • Mejoras y correcciones de errores
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  • 5.4
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • November 11, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 4bd3276d37b0619aeb74bb91a16e0434
  • - Ubicación de usuario dividida y ubicación de búsqueda
    - Reducir la visualización de la ubicación (ciudad en lugar de estado)
    - Arreglar Ocultar lógica de edad
    - Actualización de la traducción al portugués
    - Solucionar el problema de inicio de sesión de SoundCloud
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  • 5.3.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • November 1, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • b3c8bce4a20f1a2d16d876302038a40c
  • Mejoras y correcciones de errores
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  • 5.3
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 25, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 392d4f86a2803d06eda6343743ed88fa
  • Actualizamos el chat para que pueda ver cuándo las personas han leído su mensaje. Mejoramos las versiones en español y turco de la aplicación. Hemos mejorado la pantalla de conexión, agregando algunos tutoriales útiles, así como las habituales correcciones de errores y mejoras de rendimiento.
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  • 5.2.2
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 16, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 9e7e3296a6fd5a587aef3277b5bbd3b7
  • Mejoras y correcciones de errores
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  • 5.2.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 10, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • e36235a6c64fe4b3ad2b7672c3673383
  • Mejoras y correcciones de errores
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  • 5.2
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • September 29, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 27be301b03c82247c170813cc5692663
  • Grosse mise à jour!
    - Les utilisateurs de Vampr Pro peuvent désormais masquer l'affichage de leur âge sur leur profil
    - Annonces cachées pour les membres Pro
    - Vous pouvez maintenant essayer Vampr Pro pour un essai gratuit pendant 7 jours
    - Vitesse de chat améliorée
    - Instagram intégré directement dans les profils Vampr
    - Ajout d'un bouton de profil de partage Vampr
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  • 5.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • September 12, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • 1ed38b15472ec1b3d42f15dd9330d95b
  • 1. New Pro feature: Hide age from profile
    2. New standard feature: Verified badge to profile
    3. Bug fixes
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  • 5.0.2
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 4, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • cb54696a8a3ab674c7c1b3024cd7619c
  • minor bug fixes and improvements
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  • 5.0.1
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • August 26, 2020
  • A314DF4DC8ED8C359B90CA9B234CB3CC7B699926
  • f521f21a18734e0c8a1313ca0c771096
  • мелкие исправления ошибок и улучшения
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10 recent comments of Vampr - Collaborate Remotely APK

Abhilash Alfred

Doesn't work in India.

Will Haynes

Very buggy. I thought this worked like Tinder... you connect with a musician, etc. when you have both swiped right. However, I get constant connections with profiles that i've never seen before. And when I go to view the profile, the app freezes and closes. Edit: I understand this is not a dating app. Allow me to clarify my point. Connections would be much more efficient if made once interest is expressed on BOTH sides. Also, no need to get defensive (and then pretend to not be lol) in response to honest feedback. Cheers.

Tommy Ky

Mostly hip hop people in my area. Seems to me like a whole lot of people who are not musicians looking for people to do all the work for them. Good idea poorly executed. If you could search people by genre it would be better. Otherwise you are just swiping through wannabr hip hop artists who are barely musicians to begin with.

Sean Hoyt

I love the idea and it's definitely getting there but it's a bit of a pain to use. My suggestions: 1) Please allow match pop ups to be skipped 2) Separate matches and messages! Edit: Vampr promises to fix this! Thanks for the reply guys, changed to 4 stars

Brenton Bolderoff

When I made my profile, i didn't know It was suppose to be my band profile. I've updated it. My band has songs on spotify. I'm not sure if we have songs on soundcloud.

Dominic SickDJs

Can't log in, signed up with two different email addresses the app just keeps sending me in circles. Sure it'd be a great app if I could get in to it.

Azurean Studios

Edit: I'll give it another shot since the developer responded constructively. Can only set very vague genres. How hard is it to have a tag system? I want to find people who are into #Synthwave not the 300 other Electronic music subgenres. Also the locations are too vague. The nearest location I found is Detroit. I live four hours away from Detroit. Don't make an app like this about helping people find *very specific* music needs, and then make everything vague because you're too lazy to make systems that would actually help people that aren't just some rapper looking for beats in a big city full of other musicians. Why did I even click your ad

John Lojo

Really good concept for an app. But it could be improved in a lot of areas: it's VERY slow on occasions, and that could be improved on. Also, the creators should find a way to deal with inactive accounts: more than half of the accounts I message don't even read what I sent, and I find it unlikely ALL of them are ignoring me. EDIT: There's a very experience detracting bug that makes the app crash when opening the profile of someone I swiped right on. A fix on the bug should be in order.

Patrick Lee

Just got this app and it looks like there's a bunch of people in my area! Can't say more at this point 4/5

This app is pretty decent, and always getting better. Ive been using it almost a year and have made a lot of interesting connections with musicians in my town and neighboring towns. The Devs respond quickly and genuinely, so I feel like its worth supporting. And its Fun!

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