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Watch Dogs Legion - 'Welcome to the Resistance' Official Gameplay Trailer | Stadia Connect
The fate of London lies with you! Recruit your resistance and fight back when Watch Dogs Legion arrives on Stadia.
Though the first Watch Dogs never grabbed me, I was delighted by Watch Dogs Legion
Though there haven't been many more details about Watch Dogs: Legion since 2019, we did spend some time going hands-on with the new game Watch Dogs: Legion, getting a sense of how it handles and how its new game Watch Dogs: Legion-centric character system works. Here's everything we've learned about the game Watch Dogs: Legion, from its announcement at 2019 to now, including when we might expect it to be released. We'll continue to update this as more information is revealed prior to its release.
Though the first Watch Dogs never grabbed me, I was delighted by Watch Dogs Legion's tack with the second. It centers on a young, diverse, and mostly well-drawn group of characters, it's a smart send-up of tech culture, and it has a lot of interesting things to say--while being a fun open-world game that utilizes Watch Dogs' interesting hacking gameplay ideas in a story that's actually engaging. After playing Watch Dogs Legion at E3 2019, I'm even more excited for the third entry in the series, which appears to be expanding on all the good things of its predecessor, while adding some truly engaging and innovative gameplay mechanics and story conceits.

With Watch Dogs: Legion, our ambition is to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience, which redefines the way you play and think about open world games by giving you the chance to incarnate all the characters. Each person in our world has their own life, and in the game can be recruited Watch Dogs: Legion

We are taking advantage of the additional time granted to us to bring this ambitious vision to the highest possible level of quality, and to give birth to our futuristic London with all the attention it deserves. We are confident that this will allow Watch Dogs: Legion to be the immersive and innovative experience we want to create, and which you hope you can play.

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