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Waterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live WallpaperWaterfall Live Wallpaper

The description Waterfall Live Wallpaper Apk

Waterfall Live Wallpaper with sound effects is the perfect new live wallpaper for your phone! Several animated images of the world's most beautiful and breathtaking falls! Angel Falls, Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and other impressive falls- you choose which one you like the most! Images of nature and water surfaces are not just beautiful but also appeasing!
What you will get::
• There are five different animated wallpapers.
• Very easy to use thanks to a preview background image function.
• Set as wallpaper or as screen saver with fully supported horizontal orientation.
• Optimized battery usage, supported sleep mode.
• Completely free wallpaper for your screen.

Inspiring scenery, this incredible free “background wallpaper” will provide you with an exquisite view of majestic waterfalls. “Waterfall Wallpaper” offers a number of amazing choices of the tallest, biggest, largest and most beautiful falls in the world. Imagine water flowing rapidly and then majestically falling over a steep cliff or a mountain - one of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural wonders of our planet could be beautifying your screen for free. You can see the incredibly tall and famous Angels Falls – your phone or tablet screen can take you to the stunning national park in South America any day of the week. Choose to see the well-known and impressive fall on the Blue Nile river, the Blue Nile Falls, or the renowned and voluminous waterfall on the Niagara River. Enjoy the spectacular sight between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario - New York - one of nature's greatest miracle is captured, just for you. If you prefer the falls in the southern Africa on the Zambezi River or the incredible Victoria Falls you will get it. Known for its remarkable height and for forming the largest sheet of falling water in the world, it would make an outstanding background for all the adventurers out there. Even if you cannot get to countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, to see one of the highest and largest “water fall” in the world, is there any cooler way to capture the force of nature but by feasting your eyes on all the breathtaking “Waterfall Backgrounds”. Make your phone screen beautiful with “Waterfall Wallpaper”, the best “live wallpaper” you can find on the market! Download “Waterfall Live Wallpaper” for free and enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls as your own “live wallpaper”. Did you enjoy almost surreal 3D Waterfall Live Wallpaper and its wonderful cascades? In that case, it is high time for you to check out “Waterfall Live Wallpaper” and see all the astounding ways the water falls over steep rocks. Imagine the power and beauty of a mighty waterfall – this incredible “background wallpaper”, a perfect place for romance and love, can be decorating your tablet or phone screen right now for free. You will absolutely adore Waterfall Video Wallpapers and all the breath – taking masterpieces that nature can offer. Feast your eyes on the most beautiful falls around the world – “Waterfall LWP” awaits. Cool off and immerse yourself into the crystal clear sparkling water whenever you glance at your screen.
This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Nexus 7,Q Mobile, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us if your device is not avaiable.
Enjoy this free and useful live wallpaper.
This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung Group.

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  • 1.19
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • December 16, 2019
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • a836357286d77c33f83214a911b67d9e
  • Minor bug fixed
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  • 1.17
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • November 29, 2018
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • 442937f78aedbccf4fffdfba53ad9cac
  • View Permissions
  • 1.14
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 24, 2017
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • 2d6593520fbd0fc8f6ea6651ef8ed31c
  • View Permissions
  • 1.13
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • July 22, 2017
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • e19709addb4df6d0b76d89b05fba5ad8
  • Screen adapted for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 devices
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  • 1.12
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • May 24, 2017
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • 73bd80470cac431a5c330f35b3c880ca
  • View Permissions
  • 1.09
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 27, 2017
  • 22839D73C35472E82D5AA60916EFC06BF3F67361
  • 425fbb3ab3d0894b2b38063ae6c32640
  • Version 1.08
    -Fixed small bug
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  • 1.06
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 1, 2016
  • View Permissions
  • 1.05
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 12, 2016
  • 2953917c31d33c82eca0173104f20b50
  • Version 1.02
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Larry Heilman

Soothing(sound cud stand a bit longer loop)

Shankar Singh


Fachru Roji

Gud ailofit....

Rebekka Papakyriacou

Very nice and relaxing


Arif khan

It's beautiful and it shows nature at its best and makes you admire how beautiful Allah created his creation and when Allah ellavates you're thoughts only then you begin to see the full magical and inspirational world that revolves around you.

amar singh

So sweet

Suhas Kamble

Beautiful on tabs

Rajkumar Pal

I was a good app

I love it , it is so relaxing

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