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Version 1.3.15
Size 102.22 MB (107,184,430 bytes)
Developer Digital Health Venture
Category Apps, Health & Fitness
Package Name net.svvh.well
OS 5.1

Well by Samitivej APPLICATION description

Personalize your health plan with an AI-powered app
Well by Samitivej : App for Healthy Lifestyle

Well by Samitivej is an application designed to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. The application includes healthcare plans based on an in-depth AI analysis of your health information, supplemented by expert input from Samitivej specialists. The personalized plans resulting from this analysis incorporate food and exercise regimens that can be connected to a smart watch. Additionally, the application provides access to your Samitivej medical records. Users can enjoy collecting Coins to win many prizes upon completing daily challenges.
Well by Samitivej connects with Apple Health Kit to monitor your condition and develop healthier habits.

Personalize your health plan with an AI-powered app that comes with an array of features:

Food: Personalized dietary advice, for categories including health enthusiasts, the elderly, diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, people with heart disease, cancer patients, and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.
Fit: An exercise regime with input from specialists in the field, allowing users to exercise regularly while reducing injury risk for better results. A range of challenging exercises is offered to make daily exercise more exciting.
Samitivej: The application can be connected to Samitivej Hospital medical records, appointment service, video consultations, treatment history, check-up reports, payment information, and medicine delivery services.
Health Checkup: Screening is used to analyze the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer, which can then be used to inform a personalized healthcare program aimed at reducing that risk to your health - it’s like having your own personal doctor on hand 24 hours a day. The application combines expert input with the latest in AI technology to provide tailored advice for better health.

There are also a range of other features available:
Health Articles: A comprehensive range of health-related videos and articles.
Promotions & News: Information on the latest discounts and promotions available to members.
Feedback: Register your feedback, which will be used to continuously develop and improve our services.

[Minimum supported app version: 1.3.12]
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