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Animals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island SurvivalAnimals Spirit Island Survival

The description Animals Spirit Island Survival Apk

Become a medieval shaman – wild fantasy wizard using forces of nature to control spirits, tap it power and transforming himself into the animals! Survive in this atmospheric and cruel world of ancient tundra and taiga with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

Explore the vast plains of tundra and evergreen forests of taiga, enjoy this realistic and violent open world! Salvage resources – you can use them to made shelters, tools or even weapons. Start your adventure: hunt animals for food, but avoid predators – or become a hunting trophy yourself. Keep your weapons alert and survive at all cost at Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D singleplayer action game!

Use your spirit-taming, strategy and tactical skills to evolve into into different animals – an owl, a rabbit and even a bear! Each form has different abilities, so use it wisely. The owl can fly over the forests, plains, and rivers – so, you can fly away from violent predators or catch rabbits. A form of rabbit allows you to run fast and jump high, letting you run away from predators when you can’t fly for some reasons. And when you evolved in bear form, you become the mighty and healthy beast, that can fight against strongest animals around your ark! So, choose the form most appropriative for the situation, transform, and act! Start this shaman 3d wildlife simulation and complete all the ark survival missions!

Mind your medieval shaman indicators - health, energy, and fullness. Never let one of these drops – it will let you no chance to survive! Find or craft special survival tools – weapons, axes, fishing rods or just sticks to making campfire and torches. Never go too far from your relaxing hideout after sunset in human form – hungry predator can wait for you over every tree or bush! Use the form of the owl during the night to do your deeds! Try various simulation of atmospheric shaman 3d wildlife, enjoy classic survival gameplay. Use all your strategy and tactical thinking and fight for your life against wildlife with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

Use all your exploration, fighting, crafting, base-building and survival skills just to stay alive in this fantasy world! Unravel all secrets and mysteries of this realistic open world, study the art of magic and become a master wild mage! Just survive in ongoing action battle with the harsh environment and predators – or be one of them – with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D!

Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D features:

Be a crafty shaman – sorcerer that can transform himself into different animals
Play 3d wild animals and survival simulator in 1 game!
Swim, hunt, battle and improve exploration skills - do anything you want to stay alive
Change your shape into varies animals in different situations
Craft various survival tools
Enjoy relaxing atmosphere of magic world
Classic survival gameplay with base-building misions
Mind your health, energy and fullness indicators

Tired from usual post-apocalyptic survival simulators? Feel the magic inside your body, use the flame of your soul and become the most powerful shaman in this 3d wild world! Raise up your spellcasting, fighting, crafting, hunting, and survival skills with Animals Spirit Island Survival 3D singleplayer adventure game!

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  • 2.0
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • August 15, 2016
  • 94481234CA18C14E83766D5024C80C20F6D76286
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10 recent comments of Animals Spirit Island Survival APK

SavAge KiNg

It was great! After a ehile I got bored of the animals. For the owl can you add a perch so you can sit on trees or something then add a fush to get ri other parts of the world and can you make it to the point where you can unlock animals? Once you pull them or find them

Luciano Guerra

Ran into a glitch I was at full power but I dead fighting an armored knight. After fight a dozen or more I still dead. Still at full power. I give up it keeps trying to hook into Google store. That I won't put up with.

Kkeiko Tanaka

It has potential but.. the controls are wonky and slow to respond. Why bother crafting a pick or axe when the hand button auto-harvests everything in front of you? Interesting concept but needs some work. I'll be back in a couple months.

Ignotus Dominus

I really liked the games concept, lots of potential in that. I think it would improve the game to have a bit more depth though, more types of armor maybe or friendly npcs. Something to add more depth. It's also a bit difficult to control the character. There also needs to be some gameplay directions accessible to the player to figure things out. It's a great game though.

Madelynn Havard

I love this game!!! I would love it if you added a story to it. Also, if I could change into more animals like otters that swim, or elk that eat trees, or an elephant that can knock down trees for wood and blaze trails through the forest, I will rate this game five stars. Please update soon.

Charles Allen

Its okay u need to add more weapons and cars and improve the steering so u dont go off the raod so easily but other then tha its okay o and fix the owl so u can stay in one place not have to fly in circles

A Google user

this game is not the best but it is pretty good. I don't like it too much because you lose your loot when you die . i rate controls a 7 and game play 6 and graphics 9

Jerry Butler

If you fix it you will have more players I mean just think about it your all in your game than all of sudden Ads pop up

Ado Youness

Why should a game need to access all these stuff like contacts and manage and make phone calls? Huh. Uninstalling

anthony choi

Why, why, WHY??? I just finished downloading the game and it keeps taking me back to the google play page. PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!! I was really looking forward to playing the game. :(

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