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The folks over at Team 17 apparently don't subscribe to the idea of opening a whole new can of worms.
Each new incarnation of the popular Worms franchise plays like a mere expansion of the previous outing, and in many regards,
Worms Wars Party for the PSP is no different.
Granted, these worms work well for Team 17--so well that they've shied once again from drilling any new wormholes into the franchise.
The difference here is in the details.
The controls have never felt so effortlessly intuitive, the customization options have seldom been so extensive,
and the multiplayer modes have rarely been so welcoming. That said, it's still simply Worms.
Battle Islands is palatable bait for series newcomers, but even devoted veterans may find their time better spent elsewhere.
For the uninitiated, Worms places you control of a battalion of adorable oligochaetes as they assault another team with missile launchers,
exploding sheep, and the occasional concrete donkey.
Here you bounce over hills and burrow through tunnels with flamethrowers, worming your way out of dangers such as proximity mines.
Combat is turn-based, and you have only a minute to slither over to your enemy and make your move.
Of course, this same tactic works for your nightcrawling foes, so there's a chance that you'll find yourself staring straight at your killer with nowhere to run.
The single-player campaign comprises 30 moderately challenging missions spread across six islands based on widely different themes.
For instance, you start out in a postapocalyptic nuclear test site and work your way through tropical jungles and frozen wastelands.
In each case, you wreak havoc on the jagged landscape with your rocket launcher or some other goodie from your weapon stash,
and in certain cases you can assign snipers to eliminate the competition before a round even starts.
As a welcome new addition, blueprints now drop from the sky in each campaign level (and sometimes land in absurdly unreachable locations),
and you can use these to modify items like your unassuming baseball bat into something decidedly more threatening.

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