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Yatse Remote StarterYatse Remote Starter

The description Yatse Remote Starter Apk

Start Kodi remotely on your Android TV or Android box from Yatse

– Start Kodi (even custom builds)
– Bring Kodi to front
– Exit NVIDIA Shield standby mode

All directly from Yatse on your Android TV or compatible Android box.

This application is only made for always powered on devices, like Android TV, Android boxes.
Do not install or activate on a phone / tablet as it would empty your battery really fast.

After enabling the server, you need to configure the WOL port in Yatse to match the one you configured in this application.

Support and documentation
Setup documentation: http://yatse.tv/redmine/projects/yatse/wiki/XbmcStarter
Support: http://yatse.tv/Debug
FAQs: http://yatse.tv/FAQ

Please use the website / email for support or feature requests, as comments on Play Store do not allow to gather enough information or contact you back.

Keep in touch
Official website: http://yatse.tv
Facebook: http://yatse.tv/Facebook
Twitter: http://yatse.tv/Twitter
Google+: http://yatse.tv/GooglePlus

– Kodi™ / XBMC™ are trademarks of the XBMC Foundation
– No animal was harmed in the making of this app

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10 recent comments of Yatse Remote Starter APK

Jøshua Michael

yeah I would like a refund of this product if possible or at least a full explanation from the developer because I'm pretty much an Android genius and I've spent over 6 hours trying to get this application to work with my Kodi device which is I have a it's a. knockoff Android but it's still a Alcatel with 2 gigabytes of RAM and it has marshmallow and I have the newest Kodi device that also has marshmallow so I respectfully ask for a full refund unless you can give me a prompt9 explanation

Der pee

I am very happy being able to start kodi from android TV or while the shield tv sleeps with wol function in Yatse. I wish this could be expanded on and allow the control of android TV with Yatse it would be the ultimate app probably skyrocket to become the top control app in the play store. I would gladly pay for this feature.

avihu kochero

Please add power off option to make shield TV go to sleep

Adam Suzich

The best Kodi Android remote I've ever used. So many useful plugins that work like they should!

Speedy Geek

Works a treat.

Sergej van Holland

Excellent. Was looking for a solution to wake my shield without getting off my ass.

Mark Eggers

Just works.

Petrus Van Schalkwyk

Just love it!

Dominic Shirazi


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