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ZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra AdministrationZadmiN - Zimbra Administration

The description ZadmiN - Zimbra Administration Apk

ZadmiN lets you manage, monitor and administer any number of Zimbra email servers from your Android smartphone or tablet without enduring the hassles of using Zimbra's admin web interface on a mobile device.

• View the status of all running services on the server
• Add and edit accounts and distribution lists
• View graphs and reports for MTA count / volume and anti-virus / anti-spam activity
• View graphs and reports for all advanced statistics such as io, cpu and mysql
• Check mail queues for all mta servers, move messages to and from the hold queue, re-queue messages, delete messages from any queue or flush the entire queue
• Check the account quota usage for all accounts on the server
• View the list of active sessions
• View account mailboxes by delegated authentication (without the account's password)
• Export Quotas, Active Sessions and Mail Queues to CSV
• Search with saved admin searches
• Do all of the above and much more on multiple Zimbra servers simultaneously

In addition, you can set up notifications that periodically check various parameters on any of your Zimbra servers, and notify you immediately when any of them are exceeded.
Examples of such notifications would be:
• Check the server every 15 minutes for any locked out accounts
• Check the server every day for 10 or more inactive accounts

The app also includes a widget that monitors all services on any of your Zimbra servers and notifies you immediately if any of them were to go down.

Please read for instructions on configuring the app with your server.

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10 recent comments of ZadmiN - Zimbra Administration APK

Carlos Ferreira

So many false positives! I monitor two servers and get false positives constantly. It is not a connectivity issue with my phone's data connection, nor is it an issue with the servers. As a monitoring application, the alerts are basically useless and nothing more than an annoyance since they can't be trusted. Would easily be a 5 star app if it was reliable and I would adjust my rating as soon as this is corrected. UPDATE: 2 months since posting this concern and still no response or fix? Lowered rating

Bruce Wolfe

I can connect to Zimbra server only from the public side of my firewall, not internally using ZAdmin. Browser and email clients no problem in or outside of internal network. Please advise.

Lance Wilson

It works great. Easy to install.

daru putranto

Please to add select all option in mail queue ?

Leonardo de Conti D. Aguiar

This app makes easy the server monitiring, mainly because of the monitoring alerts.

Randhi Pratama Putra

Faster access even compare to the originally zimbra web based admin control. Great app :)

Kevin S.

Installed yesterday, does what it is supposed to :) Not sure what other features it is missing yet. Works well.

Andrej Pirman

Changing to 5 stars. Developers respond in no time, bugfix is available in few hours!

Stuart Anderson

I stumbled across this app purely by chance but could have been happier. I run a one server Zimbra 8 installation for my office and ZadmiN works perfectly for all the quick day to day admin and the ability to monitor server status has been a big timesaver, allowing me to catch downtime before anyone else notices - even when I'm not at my desk


This app makes my day job of administering multiple Zimbra servers a walk in the park. No longer do I have to constantly login to the admin console and check for locked accounts, virus and spam attacks, or messages stuck in the mail queue, ZadmiN does all the heavy lifting for me. I can setup what I want checked and how often I want it checked, and go about doing other things. The interface is clean, fast and intuitive, and uses the newer ICS theme throughout the app. I am thankful that someone finally too

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