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ZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR RemoteZappIR Universal IR Remote

The description ZappIR Universal IR Remote Apk

The top rated IR Universal Remote Control app is offering you the first 10 days FREE. Makes the best use of the built in IR blaster in your Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Phone. HTC One, LG phones and tablets and Medion Lifetab too. The majority of home theater remote controls use infrared signals, and your phone or tablet can send them!

3 Widgets allow basic IR remote control of all your devices without opening the app. Vast IR database includes more devices than any other remote app! Widgets can be on the lock screen if desired.

Try it FREE for 10 days. We know you will love your ZappIR, so we give you time to get to know it. Then you can buy a license with in-app purchase or use it with advertising.

Now in over 40 Languages!

Works with all Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 models including Mega and Mini.
Also supports the following tablet models:
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Tab 4
* Samsung Galaxy all Note models from 3 up
* Almost all newer Samsung tablets
* HTC One M7 and M8
* Medion Lifetab 7852
* NEW LG G3 Superphone

Simple to setup, just add your devices from our massive database of home theater devices. Remote control your TV, Cable and Sat boxes, media manager, Xbox360 and Xbox One, HTPC (Home Theater PC) as well as PVR, DVD and Bluray, even that old VCR. There are also codes for some air conditioner, fan and lighting controllers.

ZappIR can control many rare older devices, and high end home theater systems such as Anthem, Bose, Audio Authority, Cambridge Audio, B&O, Classe, Cyrus, Denon, Emotiva, Jeff Rowland, Lexicon, Linn, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, NAD, Onkyo, Nakamichi, Rotel, Sherbourn, Theta and Yamaha to list just a few.

Ir control of Apple TV, Roku, Western Digital and many iPod docs is included. Buttons may be customized, added or removes and colors and labels edited.

Languages available:
العربية:Arabic * Български:Bulgarian * Català:Catalan * Čeština:Czech * Cymraeg:Welsh * dansk:Danish * Deutsch:German * Ελληνικά:Greek * English:English * Español:Spanish * Eesti:Estonian * فارسی:Persian * suomi:Finnish * Français:French * עברית:Hebrew * हिंदी:Hindi * Kreyòl Ayisyen:Haitian Creole * magyar:Hungarian * Indonesia:Indonesian * Italiano:Italian * 日本語:Japanese * 한국어:Korean * Lietuvių:Lithuanian * Latviešu:Latvian * Melayu:Malay * Malti:Maltese * Hmoob Daw:Hmong Daw * Nederlands:Dutch * Norsk:Norwegian * Polski:Polish * Português:Portuguese * Română:Romanian * русский:Russian * slovenčina:Slovak * slovenščina:Slovenian * Svenska:Swedish * ไทย:Thai * tlhIngan:Klingon * Türkçe:Turkish * українська:Ukrainian * اردو:Urdu * Việt Nam:Vietnamese * 简体中文:Chinese Simplified * 繁體中文:Chinese Traditional

The best IR Universal Remote control app keeps getting better! Replaces a Logitech Harmony, Crestron or Philips Pronto remote. Remote controls all the most popular Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba devices as well as hordes of lesser known brands. This is the smart way to remote control almost any IR device.

The Sony PS3 can be controlled but requires a Bluetooth to IR remote adapter. The PS2 has built in IR and does not need an IR adapter.

Special features:

* Mute on Call -- Remote sends IR mute command when a phone call comes in
* Pause on Call -- Remote sends IR pause command to the DVD or DVR when receiving a call.

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  • 3.25
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 31, 2017
  • 0a392e3f44aecf5ea3cd5dee14c4b0eb
  • Fixed crash on some HTC phones.
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  • 3.22
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 13, 2017
  • a88e3c7d6ed541606b8ca7f895dbb893
  • Now works with all LG phones and tablets that have IR blasters.
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  • 3.20
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 12, 2017
  • cd4dade1d22bc320384b2a3fd68e5366
  • Now works with all LG phones and tablets that have IR blasters.
    Ad support reactivated.
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10 recent comments of ZappIR Universal IR Remote APK

Shawn Denoyer

Simply Uninstalling. Worst remote out there

Jesus Portillo

I loved the macros to configure one single remote to work with all your TV's or to "press an hold" like on a real remote. Interface could improve, like using slide gestures to show the digits Interface, but still giving 5 stars.

Stephen Jackson

1 ad per day really isn't that bad, but since this is the best remote I've used on my android period it's worth the pro. Made custom buttons to link to minix remote in the phone and it's been smooth transitions between the two. Lost my TV remote weeks ago, this app help me gain the acceptance to let it go and be free wherever it might be.

crystal shepherd

I could not figure out how to set this up. There's no direction.

Jason Peth

Time trial, expires then forces you to buy, don't waste your time, there's free alternatives

Joseph Dunkle

It is definitely a good app. I love that I can make a hybrid remote for my TV and xbox, with some links to related apps and webpages. However the layout itself has a lot to desire with customization. And the widget ruins the layout and doesn't work until you initiate it by doing a command within the app. Otherwise I would love to dedicate a page of my home screen to it. And it would be nice to be able to set specific numbers of pulses to specific commands. Please update.

Dene Charlesworth

Using my Note4 it won't operate anything. Tried newish Samsung TV & mystar box.

amanda thomas

I have tried almost all of the remotes in ap store. I FINALLY found this ine! Still learning all the settings, but it works great! Thank You!!!!

Carlos Jimenez

It works, never thought it would work, but it did.

Harold Lowell

So far, I am LOVING this app....the only thing I would say I would like to see with this app is support for the Smart TV functions of a Smart TV. This would not only make the program complete, but it would make it even MORE AWESOME than it is now...which I must add, it is just about as awesome as it can get, and I have SCOURED all the Remote TV Apps on Google Play and this is the ONLY app that even comes close to being complete and what I am looking for!

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