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ZCard: Zimbra Contacts SyncZCard: Zimbra Contacts SyncZCard: Zimbra Contacts SyncZCard: Zimbra Contacts SyncZCard: Zimbra Contacts SyncZCard: Zimbra Contacts Sync

The description ZCard: Zimbra Contacts Sync Apk

ZCard is a Zimbra contacts sync client for Android. Due to its implementation as sync adapter it integrates seamlessly with the default People / Contacts app.

ZCard does not rely on CardDav or Excange ActiveSync protocols unlike other contact sync apps, and uses native Zimbra API's instead. This allows ZCard to support additional features like tags and multiple address books, and to work equally well with both Network and Community editions of Zimbra server without compromising on features.

✔ Two-way contacts sync - Server to device and device to server
✔ Multiple address book support - Each address book appears under the People / Contacts app under a group of the same name
✔ Tag support - Tagged contacts appear in the People / Contacts app under groups of the same name
✔ GAL sync: Automatically sync the server's Global Address List with your device. Easily look up contact information for any account on the server from any app on the device.
✔ Supports address books shared from another account
✔ Supports multi-level address books (Address book within an address book)
✔ Supports syncing to multiple accounts / servers
✔ Support for self-signed certificates
✔ Filtering - Filter contacts to display in the People / Contacts app by Address book or tag
✔ Configurable - Choose sync frequency, and other options under sync settings
✔ Supports all Zimbra address book fields, including nicknames, multiple phones, email addresses, IM addresses, physical addresses, company/job title, URLs, birthday, anniversaries and notes. Competing contact sync apps that rely on the CardDAV or Exchange ActiveSync protocols only support a subset of these fields.
✔ Supports two-way sync of high-res contact photos / avatars
✔ Encrypts stored passwords

How To's:
* Setting up ZCard on your device - http://goo.gl/4sjo7J
* Importing existing phone contacts into Zimbra - http://goo.gl/9s99A3
* Filter / choose contacts to display in the People app - http://goo.gl/y2c4u1

* Initial GAL sync might take a while, please be patient
* For Android 2.2 (Froyo) and 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices, all fields will be viewable but may not be editable in the default contacts app. You will have to use an app like Contacts Editor Free (http://goo.gl/udAkBV) to edit them.
* Android 4.1 (JellyBean) / Samsung Galaxy S4 users will have to install the workaround app if accounts disappear on reboot: http://goo.gl/PKev1Y
* HTC One users please check this link first: http://dmfs.org/wiki/index.php?title=HTC_Sense_issue
* Installing on SD Card is not supported, as Android does not support sync adapters installed on SD card and will remove accounts on reboot.
* users: Please note that some S5 devices come with a broken contacts app that crashes when opening a contact synced by this app. Please report any crashes to Samsung. As a workaround, you can install an AOSP version of the contacts app, available here: http://goo.gl/n3MiqQ
* Android 4.4 (KitKat) users will also have to install the workaround app if accounts disappear on reboot: http://goo.gl/PKev1Y
* Please report bugs at our support email address below. Feedback is always welcome.

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10 recent comments of ZCard: Zimbra Contacts Sync APK

Kev Quirk

I was using Zextras and ActiveSync before discovering Zcal/Zcard. It worked, but the yearly license was frustrating. Zcal/Zcard worked right out of the box, no config changes to make server side. I had a small bug whereby new calendar events were always coming through as private events. I started working with the support team, and within 24 hours (and me sending logs over) they had a the issue resolved and the update in the Play Store. All this whilst there was a national holiday as well! Very impressive service, and a great app. Would HIGHLY recommend.

RB Apps

Used to work reliably. Since ZImbra upgrade to Zimbra v8.5.1, and now v8.6.0, ZCard is unable to log in to the server at all. Other apps (CalDav, CardDav) as well as ZTasks from _this_ developer, have no problem. Multiple emails to the dev over weeks are simply ignored. Afaict, abandoned. Back to CardDav. Well, not abandoned, apparently. Just still non-functional. Installed today's v2.5. Still no connection.

Sreenivasreddy Ranabothu

I was forced to uninstall because of the reasons mentioned.

Störm Poorun

This app is the best contacts sync for Zimbra full stop. It is sturdy and reliable. Developer responds effectively, and like wildfire, and is constantly improving it.

Gary Oberbrunner

Installed it yesterday. Synced my Zimbra contacts and GAL fine, to a separate account. But since then it has been steadily using lots of battery even though I set it to sync once a day. I'm on Lollipop on a N5.


Purchased this hoping I could sync my contacts since mediacom does not activate imap on their zimbra email server. No luck. Login errors.

Chuck Zitting

I have to re add the account settings every couple of hours. Very buggy.

Jaruwat Boonmee

GAL sync not working

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