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The description Selfie Kamera HD Apk

How does the selfie kamera hd?

The overall work process selfie camera hd camera? happen very soon, but for the sake of trivial us try to split into 3 phases:

- When we take a peek in the hole behind the camera viewfinder, whatever that is visible right there is what the end result images. The reflection of light from the object image entered through a lens and then to the mirror pantul- (2) which then reflect light into pentaprisma- (7). Pentaprism change vertical to horizontal light by directing light toward two separate mirrors and went into viewfinder- (8).
- When we're shooting, the reflection mirror / mirror- reflex (2) to swing up and let the light continue straight ahead. Shutter- (3) then opened so that the light had entered into digital- sensor (4). Shutter- (3) will remain open during the time specified shutter speed and Sensor (4) will continue recording light information. If it is completed, then the reflex mirror- (2) will return to the starting position so that the light from the lens will bounce up and re-appear in the viewfinder.
- The third process is a process that occurs in digital- sensor (4) where the image is processed by a computer (processor) in the camera. Processor will take the information recorded in the sensor, turning it into into the appropriate format and then write it into the memory card.

Then what is it selfie camera hd?
DSLR camera that utilizes mirrors to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder. Viewfinder is a small hole where we take a peek behind the camera object image.

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