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Struts 2 Web Server ScannerStruts 2 Web Server ScannerStruts 2 Web Server ScannerStruts 2 Web Server Scanner

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CM Security is a top rated (4.7 stars!) FREE antivirus and mobile security application. It comprehensively detects virus, Trojan, vulnerabilities, malware, spyware, adware on Android mobile phone and tablet. Download CM Security: .
What's Struts 2 flaw? Why you should care about it?
Apache Struts 2 is a component that helps developers to build websites using Java technology and powers many web servers worldwide, including those serving governmental, NGO, banking / financial, and corporate websites.
A serious flaw was discovered, dubbed “S2-020”, it was announced by the Struts 2 team as a flaw that allowed hackers to steal data stored on a web server. Data that could be stolen included passwords, banking information, and other sensitive details.
We advise you to wait for website administrators to take remedial measures, and to avoid transmitting sensitive data on these sites until this happens.
About Struts 2 Scanner:
☆ Developed by CM Security, the world's most trusted Android antivirus.

☆ Scan your browsing history and detect whether your recently visited websites are affected by Struts 2 flaw.
About CM Security - FREE Antivirus:
☆ No.1 antivirus engine: Ranked #1 by AV-TEST again!
☆ Top rated antivirus application: Highest rating (4.7) among antivirus!
☆ Most trusted Android antivirus: Over 10,000,000 downloaded!
☆ Amazing AppLock: Beautiful and safe app lock
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Supported languages:
English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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  • 1.0.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • F6B89399E0839DC31B7645BF1CC22E84349E7F7E
  • 877d1cbba319e30cf4e5a389d6794953
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10 recent comments of Struts 2 Web Server Scanner APK

josh oser

You really need to combine these apps. The cloud, virus scanner, flashlight,browser, launcher,clean,booster,WiFi,and àll the other apps in the CM family of apps. I know the tech. Exists so do it and make it1000 × easier on everyone.

Hildie Gear

I understand why people are wanting all of the apps combined into 1 convenient app but come on people! The CM apps are EXTREMELY LOW space wise, FREE, & keep your phone protected like Ft. Knox! What is there to whine about? If you don't like so many different apps then find an app that does everything the CM apps do! These are 5 star apps and everyone is giving 1 star to be spiteful! You don't have to use the apps so uninstall & find something better!

Iman Shabani

These are working nicely, but why so many small apps? I can't see the reasoning behind it.

Zandi Beck

All these take up too much space and very annoying to have to go through all the separate apps when they can run as one complete scan all at once!!! Please make this change to save us more space and time.

Tammy Cole

Yes I agree the apps heartbleed,simplelocker,antivirus applock,stubborn trojan killer and strut 2 web server all need to be combined with cm will save a lot of space if we just install one app with all of these in it.

Mandy B

I have a pretty big memory on my phone and far too many apps! This virus check, just as with CM's own antivirus & heartbleed checkers, goes through it so fast the file names are almost blurred. Much appreciated.

Brenda coble

I do not understand why all the apps can not be as one. It is using all this space and all seem to be doing the same thing. Am I correct ? Other than this I would love to give you 5 stars !

Kathi Reynolds

Another 5-star app from Cheetah Mobile. I have to agree with other people who want to have them combined, it would make life easier. Thanks for your hard work!

Rosario Narcisi

Love what you doing for us and for our security I love to giving you a 5 stars and I hope everyone given you the same reward thanks you're the best

Kenn W. Kiser

Basically a 1-button app that scans for the Struts 2 virus; nothing more, nothing less. It's nice to know that my phone's free of such a nasty virus.

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