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Yatse Unlocker (Legacy) v2.1.0 Apk screenshots

Yatse Unlocker (Legacy)Yatse Unlocker (Legacy)

The description Yatse Unlocker (Legacy) Apk

This application is the legacy Unlocker for Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote.

Please do not buy or install, use In-app purchase

This application is left so that legacy users can still install the application on new devices.

This Unlocker price is way higher than normal Yatse price to avoid buys !

Please update your main Yatse version and use In-App purchase to unlock as it much more convenient for multiple devices and devices swap.

This application is an Unlocker for Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote.

After buying you will have access to the themes, streaming, offline medias and internal audio player in Yatse.

By buying this Unlocker you also contribute for further developments.

IMPORTANT : You need to have Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC Remote to install this application.

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10 recent comments of Yatse Unlocker (Legacy) APK


James Tebay

This has gotta be the best and most reliable remote on the Playstore. Its beautifully designed, and the Chromecast functionality is even better then Allcast.... O can't rate it higher than 5 Stars, but I would if I could.

T Turner

@Tolriq Thanks mate, the premiere XBMC remote on any device.

Jacob Hayes

Love the remote app, only thing I get get figured out is that I have bought the unlocker a while ago but now have a new phone without google play. I am using amazon and dont want to have to pay again for the unlocker. My phone doesnt support google play services yet so I cant unlock without buying again. please help.

John-Ryan Stafford

Not many apps I would pay for, but this one is money well spent. Perfect enhancement for living room htpc. The voice command is amazing and is so easy, its hard to believe. Five stars!

Alpha Goat

I rarely pay for apps. I rarely pay for anything online. But I use this everyday. I'd pay much more if I got a real remote that could do half what this does. Support developers like this, and get something back. Thanks. Please update if possible (with new things. My that it needs updates)

Martin Blais

This app is simply amazing. I have xbmc on an apple tv and was frustrated with the apple remote. This app has a keyboard which makes searching so much easier! I bought the unlocker to support the developers. Please do the same!

Raul Naranjo

Hi devs, i used to use Torrent Search Tool to share magnet linls to my xbmc via Yatse. It worked tillyesterday. The only thing that has changed was Yatse 6.0

Robin Reyes

I just paid for the unlocker the other day solely for the streaming option and was very disappointed. It doesn't work so well. I would stream a 2 minute video from my phone and it wont even play past 10 seconds cause it keeps disconnecting, stopping, whatever..... The reason I reposted this was because the reply was not appearing when I viewed it from my phone or tablet. It is only on the web version of Google Play I am able to view the reply.

Abram marba

Works well, feature packed. I just wish there was a widget that had both navigation AND play/pause/etc buttons. As it is, i have to put two widgets on to shove this.

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