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Yatse Stream PluginYatse Stream Plugin

The description Yatse Stream Plugin Apk

Full featured XBMC remote with widgets and streaming capabilities

This application is a plugin for Yatse, the XBMC Remote.

When installed it allows streaming of your XBMC media to your phone or compatible UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast device from Yatse. (Needs Unlocker).
It also allows streaming of your local Android content to the sames devices.

For XBMC Eden and Frodo, you need to have UPnP activated in XBMC and be connected to the same network as XBMC.

For local video playing you need a Video Player application like Mx Player.

* Support resume point with Mx Player
* Support continue from Now Playing screen with Mx Player (Stop currently playing media and continue it on your Android device)
* Support Stream to and Resume to any compatible UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast device (Play your XBMC content)
* Support updating of XBMC resume point / watched status after streaming
* Support streaming of your local android content to any compatible UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast device

For more details : http://yatse.leetzone.org/redmine/projects/androidwidget/wiki/UsingYatse#Streaming-Unlocker-only

- You need to have Yatse, the XBMC Remote 3.3.0. at least to use it.
- You need to have Yatse Unlocker to use it.
- Live TV and most addons cannot be streamed due to Xbmc limitations.
- The screenshots contains content © copyright Blender Foundation | www.sintel.org
- The library presented in screenshots is based on fake media and all images / posters are @ copyrighted by their respective owners

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  • 2.3.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 10, 2016
  • B15D9866F2DE3023B5605017C5905556A874B0E0
  • 6811a66b3844b3c6931732dedec8c279
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10 recent comments of Yatse Stream Plugin APK

Apostolis Hardalias

Had a small issue with streaming failing because the password I was using on the kodi http server contained special characters that didn't get URL encoded by the stream plugin. Apart from that, this is an excellent application. Keep up the good work.

CJ McDermith

No music library function to organize music to be streamed from phone. If capability to view music collection on the device by title, artist, genre, album, etc was added I would give 5x rating. Until then it works but is not user friendly at all, need to open files from a file manager. UPDATE: To the dev, pointless comment, the app is near impossible to use and requires three other apps to use its advertised functions. Call it whatever you want but it's not designed well plain and simple.

Chris H

Best app for xbmc. Now that I have the stream plug in, now I stream to my Chromecast. Although once the stream starts I cannot get the pause to work and the display just says steaming to:

Iain Ward

I'm a serial non buyer of anything if I can get away with it, but took the plunge with Yatse & like my second marriage, no regrets!

Justin Butler

Yatse is, without a doubt, the best XBMC controller I've used so far. With all the features and functionality offered by this app, I won't be switching to anything else any time soon. If XBMC is your primary media server, this is one app you'll get your money's worth out of. Support the devs, and get full use of the many excellent features. It's a win win...

diddi schmeier

Der Verkäufer dieser App wird sehr ausfallend und unverschämt gegebüber seinen zahlenden Kunden. Dies ist allgemein bekannt. Ich habe den Verkäufer bei Google wegen Verbreitung von Lügen und wegen Beleidigung sowie Unverschämtheit gemeldet.

Alexandre Boucher

Only thing missing is transcoding for Chromecast.

David Botros

Worked when I first got it. Now it's asking me to pay for it. I already bought It. I don't know what happened. But It would would be great if it were reenabled again.

Anthony McMackin

This is must have software for anybody who is really into XBMC/Kodi. I would have paid more for it...


But for a Yatse nothing else will do. Hands down THE remote for Kodi. Long time fan here.

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